Mar 312012

As promised here are the character sheets for the player-characters in the Silvervine Campaign.  The sheets themselves are copyright Silvervine Games.  You can download their fillable, saveable forms for free from their website:

Will Powers – SVG character sheet

Squirmy – SVG character sheet

Bonsai – SVG character sheet

Professor Morah – SVG character sheet

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Wyrd Miniatures Releasing in April

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Mar 312012

Guild: Brutal Effigy

$ 10.00 SRP


Created in order to fight fire with fire, the Brutal Effigies employed by the Guild are strange beasts indeed – with 4 equine legs and hand-stitched faces, the forces of the Aether breathed life into these strange creations who now fight alongside the Guild in the effort to maintain control over the streets.

This Blister contains 1 metal miniature. This model is supplied unpainted, and assembly may also be required.


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Games Workshop Unveils the New Empire Models

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Mar 302012

GW has announced the April releases and they are full of the new Empire models.  They went ahead and made a video of it.    Here it is.



You can also visit  Games Workshop to se all of the models, including finecast.


I, for the first time in a long time, am happy with some of these models.  My favorite is Karl Franz, On Deathclaw.

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The Corporation has arrived in the US From Mantic Games

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Mar 302012


Corporation Rangers (10)


$ 24.99 SRP


Utilizing their years of experience, the Corporation Rangers strike ahead of the main force. Some missions require them to lay down suppression fire on the enemy, whilst others task these elite troops with taking out enemy commanders, seizing objectives and capturing enemy troops for information retrieval.

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Rise or Fall Coming Soon

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Mar 302012

Rise or Fall

$ 24.95 SRP


Jocks, cheerleaders, geeks, punks, goths… What’s your favorite clique from teen movies? In Rise or Fall, play as one of eight groups and try to get the most popularity points by stealing them from your opponents. To do this, secretly choose the card that represents them but watch out for those who defend themselves against your sneak attacks and above all, make sure not to get caught by the principal! Contents: 8 screens 72 cards (9 cards per player) 49 popularity points 1 trash bin Rules

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Dark Explorers for Pokemon Coming April 9th

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Mar 292012

Dark Explorers


What’s out there in the darkness, waiting to be discovered Play the Pokémon Trading Card Game: Black and White – Dark Explorers expansion and find them all! In addition to more Pokémon-EX like Tornadus-EX, Raikou-EX, and Groudon-EX, the shadows are filled with other exceptional surprises, like Darkrai-EX and a host of Trainer cards that will knock your opponent’s lights out! When you play Black & White – Dark Explorers, you’ll not only explore the darkness, you’ll rule it!

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Mar 292012


$ 19.99 SRP

A minute to learn, a lifetime of fun! Blockers! is an exciting abstract strategy game that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Strategize! Block! Capture! Win! The goal of Blockers! is to create connected groups of your own tiles on the board, while trying not to capture too many tiles of the same color. A group is any connected set of like-colored tiles on the board. Diagonal connections don’t count. A tile that isn’t next to any tiles of the same color also counts as a group. At the end of the game, you’ll count the number of groups you have on the board, and the number of tiles you have of the color that you captured the most, and whoever has the fewest of these two things combined wins.

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Mar 272012

Well, here it is, the last episode from our second session in the Silvervine campaign.  I appologize for the lack of humor and action.  I did have a fight ready to go, but it was just too much fun following what the players were doing.  So consider this a “behind the scenes look” at shared world-building.  In this episode, the “heroes” hire some employees for their newly acquired tavern, and we discuss possible future plot hooks.  I do hope you are entertained and enlightened and disturbed.

SV Session 2.3

It seems a little chaotic, but that is how I like to run a game; and I find such a technique highly successful too.  It avoids the dreaded “GM Railroad” and gives the players more control.  Essentially, I create several plot hooks, and see which ones the players nibble on.  With each plot hook I brainstorm several possible outcomes that the PC’s are likely to take, and then I create even more options from there.  That might sound like a lot of extra work, but it isn’t.  Whatever plot hook or adventures the PC’s don’t take now can still be used later – sometimes as-is, sometimes just slightly “re-skinned” or modified.

For example, in this episode, the players have several choices:

  1. Explore the Sewer – a classic dungeon-crawl, Silvervine style (this might tie into Squirmy’s and/or Professor Mora’s character-arc)
  2. Bounty Hunt – from the bulletin board at the other tavern (this one ties into Bonsai’s character-arc)
  3. Monster Hunt – also from the bulletin board, this is more about exploring the world and creatures of Cyrus
  4. Mechanist Machinations – also from the bulletin board; a favor-within-a-favor adventure
  5. Sob Stories – they hear tales of woe from customers and try and help (think Knight Rider or Person of Interest)
  6. Will’s Mentor – dragon elves are supposed to have mentors, Will lost contact with his long ago . . .
  7. Political Shake-Up – Why was Professor Mora “fired”?

As you can probably tell, some of the above are more fleshed-out than others.  And for each one there is at least two outcomes based on success or failure.  Some even have multiple middle-ground possibilities.  The key is to think “What thingS are likely to happen?” rather than “What do I think would be cool?”  The “S” on “things” is intentionally highlighted.  Consider multiple possibilities; consider the interests of each player and the potential development of each character.  Some adventures are likely to favor or spotlight one character over the others.  This is fine, so long as each player has his/her turn as the campaign progresses.

Also, we haven’t yet gotten together for our third session.  So next week I might just do a podcast on the Silvervine system itself so that those not familiar with the system can follow along with the mechanical jargon.  So stay tuned and keep rolling!

Oh, and my favorite line of this episode:

Ryan/GM: “Do you even have an alignment?”

Mike/Squirmy: “Me and my can.”

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Revising Standard Post Dark Ascension the Success of Zombies

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Mar 272012

I’ve been to two GP’s, and I spent a week in bed rest since my last Revising Standard article. In that same time two GP’s were in the Standard format and just over the weekend we had a Star City Open. Now, that the dust has settled we can look back at Honolulu and compare the top 8 deck lists.

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May Releases from Paizo

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Mar 272012

Buff Deck

$ 10.99 SRP


Track your hero’s bonuses and important status effects with the GameMastery Buff Deck! This beautifully designed accessory speeds up play and cuts down on rulebook consultation during battles by laying out your character’s relevant bonuses in an easy-to-add format. From spells like bless, haste, and prayer to class features like a bard’s inspire courage, the Buff Deck puts all the details at your fingertips, leaving you to concentrate on smiting your enemies!





Giants Revisited

$ 19.99 SRP


This sourcebook explores the societies, ecologies, mythologies, and secrets of ten of the most memorable races of giant-kind, including hill giants, stone giants, frost giants, fire giants, cloud giants, storm giants, rune giants, marsh giants, taiga giants, and Cyclopes. Each chapter includes full statistics for a sample leader or jarl as well as new rules like feats, spells, and magical items crafted not just by these towering monsters, but by those who seek to fight against them. by Jason Nelson, Brian R. James, Ryan Costello, Ray Vallese, Russ Taylor, and Jesse Benner



Raiders of the Fever Sea

$ 19.99 SRP


Chapter 2: “Raiders of the Fever Sea” by Greg A. Vaughan Now masters of their own ship, the adventurers can become pirates in their own right, but they must first rename and refit their stolen ship. But to be considered equals by the pirates of the Shackles, they have to prove themselves worthy of the name. When they discover a treasure map tattooed on a defeated pirate rival, the adventurers go in search of buried treasure. If found, they’ll have enough plunder to return to the Shackles as true Free Captains! A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 4th-level characters, this volume continues the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path. This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path also reveals details on Torag, god of the forge, as well as a gazetteer of locations and menaces that lurk beneath the waves of Golarion’s vast and varied oceans. New monsters from the depths of the sea and exotic islands also fill the Pathfinder Bestiary, while Robin D. Laws (author of the Pathfinder Tales novel The Worldwound Gambit) continues his tale of pirates and lost treasures in the Pathfinder’s Journal.


No Response from Deepmar

$ 13.99 SRP

A dungeon and wilderness exploration adventure for 8th-level characters The island penal mining colony of Deepmar off the north coast of Cheliax has provided the infernal House of Thrune with a steady supply of valuable crystals for decades, but now all contact with the island has ceased. Sent to the isolated island to investigate, the heroes must explore the eerily abandoned mining colony and the surrounding island to discover what sinister threat has silenced the settlement and interrupted the steady flow of minerals from the colony’s mines. Can the heroes discover the truth behind the disappearance of the island’s inhabitants and get the rich resources of Deepmar flowing to the mainland again, or will they too vanish, never to be heard from again?



City of the Fallen Sky

$ 9.99 SRP


Once a student of alchemy with the dark scholars of the Technic League, Alaeron fled their arcane order when his conscience got the better of him, taking with him a few strange devices of unknown function. Now in hiding in a distant city, he’s happy to use his skills creating minor potions and wonders—at least until the back-alley rescue of an adventurer named Jaya lands him in trouble with a powerful crime lord. In order to keep their heads, Alaeron and Jaya must travel across wide seas and steaming jungles in search of a wrecked flying city and the magical artifacts that can buy their freedom. Yet the Technic League hasn’t forgotten Alaeron’s betrayal, and an assassin armed with alien weaponry is hot on their trail…



Flip-Mat: Town Square

$ 12.99 SRP


Fend off invasion or throw a festival upon this sweeping tactical map depicting the central square of a fantasy town! Designed specifically for use with the opening encounter of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game’s Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path but suitable for any urban engagement, this durable accessory sets a central scene for any tabletop fantasy campaign! This portable, affordable map measures 24″ x 30″ unfolded, and 8″ x 10″ folded. Its coated surface can handle any dry erase, wet erase, or even permanent marker. Usable by experienced GMs and novices alike, GameMastery Flip-Mats fit perfectly into any Game Master’s arsenal! On tabletops across the world, the Flip-Mat Revolution is changing the way players run their fantasy roleplaying games! Why take the time to sketch out ugly scenery on a smudgy plastic mat when dynamic encounters and easy clean-up is just a Flip away?

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