Jan 122015

concodiaConcordia: Britannia/Germania



Concordia: Britannia Expansion features a double-sided map for Concordia.  The Britannia map offers tight play with only 23 cities in ten provinces and players start in London and Calais, expanding Britannia from the south. The Germania map features 30 cities in twelve provinces again. The additional castles, different starting positions, and sea colonists moving along rivers bring new options into play.


2-5 players

Ages 12+



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Jun 142012

Ramba Samba

$ 49.95 SRP


Carnival in Rio Caterpillo! Ramba Caterpillar prepares herself for the night of her life. She wants to shake a leg, her hairstyle is perfect — only one thing is missing: the right outfit! All of Ramba’s costumes are in a clothes bag. Can you help her find the matching clothes so that she arrives at the party in time? Children Ages 4 and up can feel and form while playing Ramba Samba. Here, players develop their tactile abilities while playing the game. The friendly caterpillar has lots of colorful dresses in her sack, just right for the big carnival. Sadly, Ramba can’t remember any more which clothing articles fit which parts of her long body. The player who can feel which ones fit the fastest is the winner. In Ramba Samba, the name of the game is shapes, feel and a happy little caterpillar with clothes made of lots of colorful wooden pieces. The game board shows the entire length of the caterpillar Ramba. Her carnival costume (wooden pieces) are hidden in a large cloth bag. They fit on the game board in pre-determined ways. Each turn, the player simultaneously reach into the bag to find the next matching puzzle piece. The winner is the player who places the most pieces. Ramba Samba demands tactile awareness in a fun-filled way. Because only the player who can feel the matching pieces fastest will win.

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Jun 132012

Master Thieves

$ 99.95 SRP


The heart of MASTER THIEVES is an elaborate jewelry box made of wood. The box has three levels with four drawers on each level. Each drawer has two side – top and bottom and each can hold jewels. The box is designed such that each level may be rotated independently and the box may also be turned over – it has no permanent top or bottom. The result is a beautiful box and an interesting game that combine to provide players with a very special gaming experience – time after time! MASTER THIEVES is a brilliant game, in which 2-8 “crooks” from 10 years can revel in thievish joy.

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Jun 122012

Crocodile Pool Party

$ 24.95 SRP


The crocodiles are loose in the luxurious hotel swimming pool! Just seconds ago, the vacationers were enjoying the cool water of the pool, but what is that? A crocodile has just entered the pool – and now there is one less swimmer! Wow! There’s another croc – and another – and another. As the number of crocs in the water increases, the number of swimmers drops! But, the crocs hunt not only the hapless swimmers, but also other crocodiles. Thus, all in the pool strive to save themselves! The player who brings the most swimmers and crocs to the safety of the end of the pool, will win the game! For ages 8+.

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Jun 112012

Zig Zag

$ 19.95 SRP


Each player has his own obstacle course that his figure must run. To run the course, the player must collect the right terrain cards – in the right order! But this is not an easy task, as all players are racing to get the cards they need at the same time. The game is played in rounds consisting of a terrain collecting phase and a running phase, which are repeated until one player’s figure reaches their goal card.

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Feb 122012

Upon a Salty Ocean  $ 49.95 SRP

At the beginning of the 16th century, the city of Rouen is the main French port. The city’s wealth depends on fishing and the trading of salted fish. Salt produced in the mines has to be loaded onto ships and used to preserve herring and cod fished in the Atlantic Ocean. Every week ships full of salt barrels leave Rouen for the fishing grounds of the Atlantic Ocean, and once back, the goods are sold in the city markets. The players represent city merchants, and they invest in ships and city buildings to try to get rich. Who will be the richest merchant of Rouen, when Francis I, King of France, comes to visit the City? Contains: Game board and rulebook 32 salt (white), 24 herring (pink) and 24 cod (violet) wooden cubes 10 salt (white), 10 herring (pink) and 10 cod (violet) large wooden cubes (worth four small ones) 72 player markers (wooden cubes: 18 for each player color: blue, green, red, yellow) 4 coin markers (wooden disc) 7 market/action counters (black cubes) 3 ship tiles for each player color 10 event tiles 4 player sheets

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