Base Primer: Aegis Suit, Satin Varnish

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May 152015

antishineBase Primer: Aegis Suit, Satin Varnish


The Aegis Suit satin varnish will protect any tabletop or roleplaying minature and model from the wear and tear of the battlefield.


Unlike the anti-shine matte varnish developed for Quickshade, the Aegis Suit will leave a slight satin finish on your models and is ultra protective on any acrylic surface.


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Zombicide Army Painter Bundles

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Jan 242015

bundle-2-1000pxFrom Army Painter

News Text:


To celebrate the release of new Survivor Paint Set we have made an all-you-need bundle for all Zombicide Painters over on The Army Painter webstore.

Buy all 3 Zombicide Paint Sets and get a free Colour Primer: Skeleton Bone spray. All you need to paint the popular Zombicde boardgames series – both season 1, 2 and the forthcoming season 3.

Includes the Zombicide Core Paint Set + the two expansions: Toxic/Prison Set and the NEW Survivor Paint Set.

FREE Colour Primer!

FREE Shipping!
Available for pre-order for US customers (ships 6th February):

Available for EU customers (ships 26th January):


Check out the video teaser:



Army painter sale

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Oct 272014

Special webstore offer: buy a Colour Primer and get a free matching Warpaint of the same name.


Head over to Army Painter.


All Colour Primers have a 100% matching acrylic Warpaint for covering areas the spray didn’t reach or for touching up mistakes.

There’s also a brush on acrylic “Anti-Shine” Matt Varnish.


Currently we have 24 Colour Primer sprays…


…all with a 100% matching Warpaint 18ml pot.

Runs until Monday 10th November 2014.

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Army Painter Give Away

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Oct 082014

click_like_2_1000pxTime for another prize draw!

Half a year ago we ran a highly successful prize draw on Facebook with lucky Marius Gaede taking the big prize – and ever since we’ve been asked to do another. So here goes…

Click “Like Us” and you will be in with a chance to win a Warpaints Mega Paint Set including a free resin Ork Pilot from our friends at Kromlech Miniatures.

That is all 42 Warpaints, 3 brushes and the (unpainted) Kromlech Ork Pilot!

To enter the amazing The Army Painter Prize Draw you must click “Like” on the post over on

Like us on Facebook and tell your friends to do the same.

Prize draw ends October 15th 2014 when we will find the lucky winner!

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Mega Hobby Set limited edition from Army Painter

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Nov 222013

Mega Hobby Set limited edition

$99.99 SRP

mega hobby


This exceptional Wargaming Hobby set is unparalleled value and includes everything needed to complete any miniatures army project!



-Hobby knife                                        -Pointed safety grip file

-Precision tweezers                              -Hobby side cutter

-Pin vice & five drill bits                     -12gm plastic glue

-7gmsuper glue                                     -A4 self-healing cutting mat

-Green Stuff                                          -Sculpting tool

-150ml matte black color primer      -3x hobby brushes              

-11x Warpaints                                    -50mL Battlefield basing glue          

-Swamp tuft                                         -Brown battleground base

-Snow scatter                                        -Battlefield rocks

-Static field grass


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Basing the Skarrd Warbanb

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Jan 012012

This is a simple Basing Video using materials from around the house and some Army Painter tufts.



There is The Skarrd Warband Based.   Basing is something I avoided for a long time because I though it would be a pain.  Now I find it a relaxing end to painting a mini.


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