Oct 292014

In this Figure Forge Matt Assembles the Post Human Republic starter for Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames.  The Post Human Republic turned it’s back on humanity long ago and is no longer recognizable as humans, but they are clearly cyborgs.





Once they are painted we will start playing some DZC.

Jun 042014

In this Figure Forge Matt Uses the Jager from Dream Pod 9 to show you how to pin a gear for Heavy Gear Blitz.  The Jager is the work horse of the Southern army.



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Music Black Black Hole performed by 3 Minute Pop Songs

Thank You Music Alley for pod safe music

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May 192014

In this Figure Forge Matt assemble the General Purpose Cadre for the Southern Army for Heavy Gear Blitz.   I did quite a bit of editing on this video because the gears are so similar.  I decided to cut a  lot of the repetition out for you.  The end result is complete instructions for one gear and about 30 minutes less video time.



Music Black Black Hole performed by 3 Minute Pop Songs

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Mar 132014

QesnefIn this Figure Forge video watch as Matt assembles Qesnef of the Dungeons and Dragons limited edition line from Gale Force 9.  Matt has some helpful tips in this video.   Some of the pieces are delicate.

You can learn more about Qesnef at Gale Force 9.



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Jul 182013

- logo HGBIn this Box breaking Matt tears open the main battle tank for the South.  Then he assembles it.  Make sure you assemble yours after the video – Matt noticed some things that could have made his life easier.  All in all the Visigoth will be a fine edition to your build.



You can learn more about Heavy Gear at Dream Pod 9.

For those of you going to Con on the Cob in the fall we will be running intro games att the con.

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Jun 142013

MERCS_logoIn this Figure Forge Matt Attacks the USCR.  He shows you how to drill and pin one of these models.  While he walks you through assembling the others.

You can learn more about MERCS here and follow them on Facebook.

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