Android: Netrunner: Second Thoughts Data Pack

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Sep 012013

Second Thoughts Data PackAndroid: Netrunner: Second Thoughts Data Pack

$14.95 SRP

Control the message. Control the game.

Second Thoughts is the second Data Pack in the Spin Cycle for Android: Netrunner The Card Game. Its sixty cards (three copies each of twenty different cards) allow corps and runners to take a second look at how they want to wage their burgeoning cyberwars. The time has come to explore new angles, layers of lethal new ice, the deployment of Black Ops teams, and the importance of PR campaigns and public perception.

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Duel of Ages II Master Set

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Aug 112013

Duel of Ages II Master SetDuel of Ages II Master Set

$129.99 SRP


Master Set expansion to the Basic Set (requires the Basic Set to play).


2-16 players

Ages 12+



21 Map Platters                                   12 Dome Keys

144 Characters                                    48 Henchmen

302 Treasure Cards                             100 Challenge Cards

88 Guardian Cards                              54 Blue Encounters

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Rise of the Zombies From Dan Verssen Games

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Jan 182013

Rise of the Zombies

Release Date: Jan 2013

$ 39.99

Rise of the Zombies All players play cards during a common “Survivor Turn”. Declare which card you are playing, and which zombie you are attacking, and roll dice. This simulates the chaos of combat. Most cards can be used to perform more than 1 function. You can perform as many actions during the Survivor Turn as your cards can support. You can even trade weapons and items with other Survivors in your Location. Once all players have resolved their actions, the Zombies get to attack. It then starts again with the common Survivor Turn. You’ll need to not only act like a hero, but also work well as part of your co-operative team if you hope to survive. If you go running off ahead and no one else has the cards to follow, you’ll be fighting a herd of Zombies on your own – and probably dying. On the other hand, if you can’t keep up with the other Survivors, you’ll soon hear words like, “You wait right here, we’ll come back for you.” Um, yeah.


COMBAT Combat is fast and easy. Roll a 6-sided die, add your bonuses and check your Weapon card to see how many Wounds you inflicted. The higher you roll, the more Wounds you inflict. If you inflict the killing attack on a Zombie card, you claim the card and its Experience value.


EXPERIENCE Turn in your Zombie cards to upgrade weapons, buy items, and purchase skills. How you play the game is up to you. You don’t gain anything by having other Survivors die, but if you spend too much time trying to help others, it might cost you your own survival. Help them? Leave them behind? It’s all up to you.

I don’t you about but this game has zombies so Dan Verssen Games has one I need to play

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Talisman: The City Expansion From Fantasy Flight Games

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Jan 172013

Talisman: The City Expansion

Release Date: Jan 2013

$ 39.95

The City, an expansion for Talisman, provides players with six new characters, three alternative endings, its own deck, and a host of shops for all your questing needs. Collect bounties listed on the Wanted Posters at the City Gate and fill your pockets with gold before doing some serious spending. Secure a steed from the Stables, pick up Pets or Potions, or head to the Armoury and the Magic Emporium. Visit The City in Talisman as you compete for the Crown of Command!


Key Selling Points

• An expansion for Talisman that adds an entire new region to one corner of the board

• Shops give players a wide range of options for spending gold for treasure, followers, and more

• Includes a special City-themed deck of adventure cards featuring new monsters and events specific to the City environment

• Bounties let players use combat to earn more gold

• Contains one hundred and seventy-seven new cards and six new characters with plastic figures

Get this and many more from Fantasy Flight Games to start playing with friends soon

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Mansions of Madness: Call of the Wild From Fantasy Flight Games

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Jan 162013

Mansions of Madness: Call of the Wild

Release Date: Jan 2013

$ 59.95

Venture into the unknown with Call of the Wild, an expansion for Mansions of Madness! Five new scenarios and eleven double-sided board tiles plunge investigators into the mysterious backwoods, shaking the foundations of what players have come to expect. The keeper has even more surprises at his disposal, and at times must solve ritual puzzles and seek out clues. A focus on outdoor maps encourages non-linear exploration, and new Allies assist in combat while driving the macabre narrative. Survive the wilderness in Call of the Wild!


Key Selling Points

• A Mansions of Madness expansion with five new scenarios focused on non-linear exploration

• Gives the keeper new Action Cards and new ways of surprising investigators

• Introduces Ally characters that can help in combat, give hints and quests, or betray investigators

• Contains detailed plastic figures for four new investigators and eleven new monsters

• Includes two hundred and ninety-five cards, eighty-eight tokens, and eleven double-sided board tiles

Check this and so many more games out at Fantasy Flight Games to start playing with friends today

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Hooyah, Navy SEALs Card Game from US Games Systems

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Nov 272012

Hooyah, Navy SEALs Card Game

Coming Soon

$ 24.95

You are a Navy SEAL. You are trained to confront terrorists and insurgents. You deal with hidden explosives, snipers and other unknown dangers. In the darkness of the ocean’s depths or the vastness of the merciless desert, you expect the unexpected. You’re on a mission. You work as a dedicated team, relying on the skills of expert marksmen and suburb tacticians. Careful planning and precise timing improve odds of success, but unforeseen events could jeopardize the mission.


Hooyah: Navy Seals Card Game is a cooperative game in which 1 to 4 players assume the roles of Navy SEALS trying to complete a real-life-inspired Special Ops mission. You either win or lose as a group. To meet the rigorous requirements of the mission, you must collect all of the Skills and Equipment cards required for each Op. All phases of the mission must be completed without the loss of life and before time runs out.


Contents: Mission Card Holder, 30 Health Tokens, a Time Counter Device, 75 Skills & Equipment Cards, and 75 Ops/Events Cards, and an illustrated Instruction Manual, which includes special rules for solitaire play.

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River Dragons from Asmodee

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Nov 232012

River Dragons

Release Date: Nov 2012

$ 39.99

In Dragon Delta, you want to move your pawn over a system of bridge-like planks to the other side of the board. An easy task! Or at least it would be if everyone were working together, but alas you’re not. Instead you’re all working on your own right next to one another, each convinced that your way is best.


In game terms, players simultaneously select one card from a set of five actions that’s available to each player. The actions allow players to place plank foundations, place planks, move their pawns, cancel other players’ actions, or remove planks or foundation stones. As can be expected for a design with simultaneous action selection, the game is rather chaotic.


The 2012 edition of the game includes a double-sided game board not present in earlier editions.

Any game that gives you a chance to mess with the other players as openly as this one does I want it Asmodee Editions has so many games I want to play check them out and see for yourself.

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Space Cadets From Stronghold Games

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Nov 162012

Space Cadets

Release Date: Nov 2012

$ 59.95

Space Cadets is a fun and frantic cooperative game for 3-6 players who take on the roles of Bridge Officers of a Starship. Each officer must accomplish his specific task in order for the team to successfully complete the mission. You might be the… Helmsman, plotting the ship’s course through asteroid fields and nebulae. Engineer, using dominoes to get enough power to each system. Weapons Officer, completing puzzles to load the torpedoes and flicking a disc down a track to launch them. Shield Officer, using tiles to form poker hands to get the strongest shields. Sensor Officer, using your sense of touch to scan and lock on enemy targets. Captain, setting the plan and making sure that everyone stays focused and does their job. If your crew can work together to accomplish the mission goals, you just might make it home in one piece.

Now this one sound pretty fun you will get a chance to play the bridge crew from a star trek type ship to see if you and your friend would survive as a team thanks Stronghold Games for helping live out one of those old fantasies.

WarHammer:LCG:Invasion: Oaths of Vengeance Battle Pack

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Oct 252012

WarHammer:LCG:Invasion: Oaths of Vengeance Battle Pack

Release Date: Nov 2012

$ 14.95

The second Battle Pack in the Eternal War cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game, Oaths of Vengeance pushes the rival races of the Old World toward all out war, further supporting the cycle’s new Ambush and Raider keywords. New units use these dynamic keywords to surprise your opponents and gather resources from their forays in the battlefield. Oaths of Vengeance also introduces the High Elves’ Shadow King, Alith Anar, a legendary master of guerrilla warfare!

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Two New D-Day Dice Expansions From Valley Games

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Oct 222012

D-Day Dice: Operation Neptune

Release Date: Nov 2012

$ 14.95

Operation Neptune offers 6 new Battle Maps: 4 of them are normal Battle Maps and 2 are double-sized, giant Battle Maps. New features like the “Command Posts” and the “Few Good Men” rules give these new maps a character of their own. This expansion also includes 2 new Items, 2 new Awards and 1 new Specialist, the “Executive Officer”, who comes in 4 different versions (depending on the player color).


D-Day Dice: Normandy Expansion

Release Date: Nov 2012

$ 9.95

This small expansion contains 4 new Battle Maps, using some of the new features introduced in the “Operation Neptune” expansion (including special rules if you don’t own Operation Neptune).

Check these and other products from Valley Games.

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