Aug 082015

I talk with Jerome about the Paladin and siren set,
Royals, City of Gears and Mage Wars academy, oh plus Onitama.

Jul 242015

Academy-SetupMage Wars isn’t a new game but Arcane Wonders is consistently making great releases for the system.  Here is the Product Description for Mage Wars .


Mage Wars Academy pits you against your opponent in a Mage’s duel, using a unique Spellbook mechanic that provides you access to all you strategies rather than relying on the luck of the draw.  Train in your school, craft your spellbook, and test your skills at the Academy!

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Apr 282015

Mage Wars Play Mats


Mage Wars Arena Play mats provide players a new look, new feel, and more portability!

These new soft, neoprene play mats are the perfect accessory for any Mage Wars Player to add to their collection!



Sep 012014

ShuffleTech is the first time I have ever seen High quality sleeves paired with sleeve inserts at a reasonable – no great price.



When I start playing MtG again, hopefully soon, I will consider these for protection.

Jun 152014

Warning the exhibit hall is quite loud. Bryan Pope , producer and creator of the smash hit Mage Wars, from Arcane Wonders shows his support to Through Gamer Goggles by signing Copies of Forged in Fire. These copies are available as a pledge on Through Gamer Goggles Kickstarter you can find it here.     I have to put a special thanks out to Arcane Wonders for making this happen – especially Bryan Pope.

Jun 112014

BoxRender_STE_ForgedInFire-Small-for-Web-Site-InsertionIn this Box Breaking Matt takes a look at the new warlock and warlord for Mage Wars.   He discusses the strategy a little as well as his favorites from the expansion.  I do believe my favorite card is Conquer it offers so much strategy to an already strategic game.

Thanks for watching  you can get one of 4 signed copies of Forged in Fire as a pledge in our Kickstarter  The Convention Experience.  It is about us bringing you into  a great experience from Gen Con this year.   One dollar will go a very long way with this project.

Nov 282013

In this Box Breaking Matt takes a good look at the newest expansion for Mage Wars; Druid vs Necromancer.  He spends some time examining the new spells as well as the art.  He even gives a pretty in depth overview of the new mage abilities.  As usual this expansion looks to be a promising addition to the Mage Wars Universe.



Mage Wars is produced by Arcane Wonders.

Jun 242013

Mage WarsAt Origins 2013 we sat down and chatted with Patrick Connor from Arcane Wonders about Mage Wars.   Patrick brings us up to date Mage Wars by sharing information about the Conquest of Kumanjaro.  We even geat a greater treat when he spills information on the Druid and Necromancer coming up in the next expansion.  He also discusses the Ambassador Program.

You can learn more about Mage Wars at and follow them on facebook.

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Mar 172013

Watch as Matt explores the new box set from Arcane Wonders for Mage Wars.

This expansion for Mage Wars pits a 2 mages against each other. One is a master of Telekinesis and mind magic. While the other is a great commander of summoned soldiers.



You can learn more about the Expansion at Arcane Wonders

If you are new to Mage Wars check out the two player game.

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