Sep 212012

Hello everyone!

ShaneHM here reporting on my shiny new army with battle report to go along with it.  For those that don’t know me, I ran the 40k league at Game Empire: San Diego for almost 7 years.  I play in tournaments once or twice a year (and tend to do well), but I usually prefer a more leisurely pace to my competitive fun.  Enough about me though!

After playing two games of 6th edition it became apparent that my Ork Green Tide army just wasn’t as good in the new edition.  I had been slowly converting my Imperial Guard over to Chaos and decided it was time to fully turn their backs from The Emperor’s light.  I sold off anything that was painted loyalist colors and used the money to buy some of those sexy Forge World Traitor Guard models.

While going through this process, I decided that I wanted to try out the new psychic powers.  After drawing up list after list, I put together this army that is pretty off the wall and incredibly fun to play.  It’s not the most competitive, but this is what I’ve been enjoying most so far in 6th edition 40k.  To add some flavor and killing power, I’m using Grey Knights as a base with Imperial Guard allies (blasphemy, I know, but Chaos loves blasphemy!).  I’m only using Inquisitors and Henchmen from the GK book, so you can’t cry cheese too loudy.  These two armies have the cheapest Psykers, so I maxed out on HQs.  On with the list:

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Nov 272011

In this episode Danny shows you how to assemble the Deathmark.  One of the new Necron models from the Deathmark/Immortals box set.   the deathmarks are deep striking snipers.


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Nov 262011

In this episode of Figure Forge Danny builds the two poses for the Necron Lychguard from Games Workshop.  He also talks about how much he is looking forward putting them on the battlfield.  If you are a Necron player you will enjoy this installment because it makes building your army look easy.


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Nov 242011

In this episode of Figure Forge Danny assemble 2 of the builds for the Necron Triarch Praetorians.   These models are from the Triarch Preatorian/Lychguard box set.


That looks easy.   Pop quize … How many times did he glue the model to his hand?


Come back later today for the Lychguard and tomorrow I hope to have the Immortals or the Death marks up.  But that all depends on dinner at mom and dads.

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Nov 122011

In this episode of Figure Forge Danny Assembles the Necron Command and Annihilation Barge.  He uses rare earth magnets to show you how easy it is to have both models for a little bit more than the price of one.


Warning this model contains small parts and therefore is a little complicated. It is a long video.   You should also note that Danny is an expert at gluing his fingers together – you are not.


I suggest getting a soda and some popcorn.


Well we learned a lot from this one.  In the future we will do large models in at least two parts.

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Nov 102011

All right Gamers, here you go our Necron Box Breaking.  In this box breaking we reveal the Necron Immortals,  Deathmarks,  Necron Triarch Praetorians, Lychguard, Necron Ghost Ark, Doomsday Arc, Necron Catacomb Command Barge, and the Annihilation Barge.   Holy cows!  That is a lot of material.



Check back soon for Figure Forge Building the Necron Catacomb barge/ Anihillation Barge with rare earth magnets (in at least 2 parts).  That’s right one model two vehicles.


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