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Aug 122016

At Gen Con Sean and I chat about these things, Warquest, sold out of Prospectus, Trick of the rail, Days of Ire, Alien uprising card game, and he hints to a a few others.

Warquest Expansion coming in the fall!  Will have Expansion packs and special rules.

Trick of the rail is a trick taking card game.

May 102016

Survive or evolve, in Post Human you are one of the last humans alive and you are being hunted by mutants.   Watch as Matt opens it up.

I have wanted to play this for about two months now and I really can’t wait.

Aug 202014

At Gen Con 2014 I had the chance to sit down with Sean Brown and chat about Spurs and Alien Uprising.  Spurs is a do it all kind of Western game.  While Alien Uprising is all about crashing on the wrong planet.  This interview was a lot of fun, a lot of wierd things happen during it that distract us.


You can learn more at MR. B Games.