Role-Play Ramblings 2.7: Romancing the Character

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Jan 022017

In this episode of Role-Play Ramblings Matt talks with guest Jason Bulmahn at Gen Con 2016 about how to introduce romance into your game sessions.


I always have a good time talking with Jason Bulmahn.  This was certainly no exception.  Being a GM for my teenage boys you can only imagine what kind of trouble I’m stirring up with potions of love.

Final Hours for Through Gamer Goggles Gen Con Media Coverage on Kickstarter

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Jul 192014

Gen con 014Our relaunched Kickstarter has been funded largely because of what our first attempt taught us.  Even though our first project was a complete bomb it has been a great ride.  Gosh, I really don’t know how much to bore you here with our experience, so I’m just going to jump into the current project that is much more exciting.   I may touch upon some of the lessons we experienced.

Our current project was funded in just under 24 hours.  Why? Because we discarded all of the promotional items that inflated the funding goal.  This was the secret to our success.   We still have a T-shirt, but we felt the backers who were major contributors needed something more than just the media coverage.  All of our backers are major supporters, by the way, the average daily contribution has been about $70.  We can’t thank you enough for that!

For those of you that have backed this project, I’m not sure if you can see what you’re a part of.   The effort you’ve put forth has opened so many doors and taught me so many things it’s not funny.  Our blog and social media has increased nearly 30% in the last fourteen days, and that is because you have motivated me.  My eyes have been opened, because of you, to what the essence of Through Gamer Goggles  media truly is.  Back to that in a minute.

I believe I will have published 300 videos before Gen Con 2015.  That’s over 100 a year, plus reviews, radio shows, and release information.  Through Gamer Goggles is a happening place.  We offer a tremendous amount of content, but I have failed you.  I have failed because the vision or essence of what is Through Gamer Goggles wasn’t realized until we attempted to fund this successful project.  Through Gamer Goggles (TGG) was born with the vision of blending or balancing our gaming worlds with our real lives.  Not only is that a monumental task but it has proven to be a very difficult one.  Especially since very early on, I became nearly overwhelmed with the processing of game reviews.  But this project has made me realize that I have failed at reflecting my personality in the content.  I mean, I’m one of the most passionate gamers you’ll ever meet.  I go out of my way for the gaming community as a whole by organizing events, judging, and blogging.   I probably know hundreds if not thousands of gamers from such experiences.   So where am I going with all this?   The Gen Con Media project has kind of brought all of this to a head.  I have realized that I want to take a very different approach to media.  We have always been a part of the community and have run events for manufacturers (since 2000), but I don’t think it was enough to make me happy.  Now, you are a part of what we do!  That is the change that I was missing before.  More than ever Through Gamer Goggles is about blending our lives with our gaming world.  Which really means connecting with the gaming community in a unique way.  We’re committed to bridging the gap from manufacturer to gamer by being involved with you!  One of the results will be more of my super stunning personality as we continue to grow.  This will include everything we have done in the past plus more demonstration content and regular radio shows.  I might be rambling so onward to excitement!

The Project is all about going to Gen Con and having a blast with you.  There are some really cool concepts we are trying to do.

The Photo Tier – every backer gets their picture taken and more.

The Coupon Book – Every backer of $20 or more will receive a coupon book (similar to the convention book but smaller).  Currently we’re working with these great companies:

  • Academy Games – Kickstarter exclusive items available from Freedom, Rebellion, and Conflict of Heroes, more details to come. Priceless!
  • Adventure a Week – one month free. Worth about $10.
  • DGS Games – Details Pending
  • Hawk Wargames – Spend X dollars (amount to be determined) and receive a bonus mini.
  • Mr. B. Games
  • And the guys from Pure Steam are offering  free music with the purchase of their alternate Pathfinder setting

This is easily worth the $20.

Coffee with the crew – just as it sounds.

The coolest goal is a backer party.  Basically this will be a dinner where all are invited to have a meal at a yet to be determined location.  I have my eyes set on a steak house.   But we will see what happens.  It would be great for all of us to be in the same place at the same time to share our experiences and just get to know each other.

To celebrate our last hours I have come up with some unique ideas.

BoxRender_STE_ForgedInFire-Small-for-Web-Site-InsertionThe first is a backer give away.   For every ten new backers we get from now until the end of the campaign we will give out prizes to a randomly chosen backer. We are currently at 17 backers, so the prize thresholds are 27, 37, and 47.   I currently have 3 prizes to give away:  Combat Barbarossa 1941 German Infantryman Versus Soviet Rifleman from Osprey Publishing,  Scoundrels of Skullport from GF9, and a signed copy of Forged in Fire for Mage Wars.

Second, I have decided to add another stretch goal – a scavenger hunt.  This will be a simple game.  It will involve backers of any pledge level to run around the exhibitors hall and do things like play games and other neat things.   How dumb is that?   At the end of the day we will meet up and have a drawing to award a daily prize.  So far we have two Mage Wars Core Set and a copy of Forged in Fire from Arcane Wonders.   That is two days of dashing from game to game.   Who knows, we may create some other wacky ideas beyond game hunting.  In either case it will be a lot of fun.

Like I said the Kickstarter is a door opener.  It has started several new friendships, given us new direction and realization.  While we’ve focused on Box Breakings, Figure Forges, Flip Throughs, and written reviews, you’re going to see more engagement from us.   Beyond that we are going to strive to connect the manufacturers with you in an engaging way, while we continue to push the pace into news and media in exciting ways.   Will we be perfect?  No, but we have already proven that we learn from our mistakes, and that result means we will see you at Gen Con 2014 AND at Gen Con 2015!   My only question is will you be part of our future?


Matt Lemke



Hordes 2 Player Battle Box coming in September

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Jun 122012

This is exciting news.  Privateer Press announced the 2 player battle box for hordes.


From Privateer Press

“In a World Ravaged by Warfare, Fury is Your Greatest Weapon!

From the frozen northern wastes the Legion of Everblight descends upon Immoren, defiling the land with taint and corruption. Dependent upon nature but fueled by its raw and ancient power, the druids of the Circle Orboros clash with the dragon Everblight’s forces to halt the spread of the dragon’s blight. The irrepressible Kaya the Wildborne, flanked by her trusted pack of beasts, leads the Circle’s vanguard against twisted and bloodthirsty ogrun and dragonspawn led by the deadly Lylyth, Herald of Everblight.


Complete HORDES: Primal Mk II rules in a travel-sized booklet (88 pages), an introductory guide, dice, a ruler, and 20 plastic HORDES models with corresponding stat cards.”

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Jun 052012

In this Interview Jason talks about his field guide projects, why he likes the Heavy Gear Setting, and what we can expect with the rules in the future. He mentions that the South will be getting some new toys and speaks briefly about the convicts and the Phoenixes. Filmed at Origins Game Fair as part of Heavy Gear Week.

Remember to like Dream Pod 9 on Facebook here for a chance to win a two player starter.

I wanted to put some cool images up in the background of this video for all of you to enjoy.  The lighting just wasn’t as good as it needs to be for that.  I am still going to go ahead and do it at a slightly later date; I fidgeted with the images for 10 hours yesterday and I was just not happy.


I wanted to thank every one for watching our videos and reading our articles during Heavy Gear week .  We are not done yet we still have material  for you to go up this week.  Something about not having power in the game hall made that difficult.

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Starting Heavy Gear with the Northern Starter

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May 272012

As a result, I believe I will be expanding each article while I learn more about each faction.  Then if all goes well I hope to attack the Leagueless lands.  They are an interesting set of build rules that allow so much freedom, I do not believe one will ever stop writing on them.

So you have done it, you bought the Northern starter and finally assembled the models. Now what? You say to yourself looking at your four Hunters, four Jaguars, and your two Grizzlies. You pick up the rule book and tug at the hair on your head. “What have I gotten myself into? This starter is worthless.”


I will admit the starter is not the easiest thing to build with, but it is possible. Especially if you use priority level 1, 3, or 4. It does seem that the most accepted set of values is a TV of 750 with a priority level of 2. Which means you will have to upgrade if you want to play set games (like some tournaments).

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May 272012

In this Tutorial Don demonstrates the simple nuances of the Heavy Gear Dice system. If you are thinking about starting Heavy Gear this is just about the first thing you need to know.




Dream Pod 9 is giving away a 2 player Heavy Gear Starter all you have to do is go here and like them on facebook


And as always if you want to follow us on social media the links are on the right of your screen.

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Box Breaking Trollbloods Battlegroup

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May 132012

In this Box Breaking Matt Busts open the new plastic Trollbloods BattleGroup to reveal the Hordes inside from Privateer Press.


Thanks for watching, if you liked the video please follow us.  The social media links are on the right hand side of the screen.

Music found at Music Alley the home of pod safe music


Summer performed by Adam Emanon.

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April Releases From Privateer Press

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Apr 102012

This is a gallery of the Privateer Press releases for Hordes and Warmachine.


In the next couple of Days we will have a Figure Forge up showing how to assemble the Blitzer/Mauler/Bomber using rare earth magnets, if it is possible.  If not I will pick one and assemble it.

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Off the Palette Xian Ling

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Mar 172012

In Todays Off  the Palette Matt Paints up Xian Ling from Studio 38’s game Alkemy.


Matt had a lot of fun painting this fig.



Hey, if you like what you saw follow us on facebook and twitter


Needless to say things have slowed down a little bit.  Ther is good reason for that.  One the driving force behind the blog fell ill.   He  is still recovering, but his energy level is up so more post should be coming soon.  Plus we are also developing secret plans behind the scenes.

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Off the Palette Celestial Fulcrum Battle Engine Acolyte

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Feb 232012

In this Off the Palette Matt goes back to work on the celestial Fulcrum Battle Engine.  He specifically focuses on the Priest.



All that is left now is the large orb.  I am not sure how I am going to tackle that yet – any suggestions.