Box Breaking 220: Master of Orion From Catalyst Game Labs

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Sep 182017

In this Box Breaking Matt takes a look Master of Orion from Catalyst Game Labs. Master of Orion is a deck builder where 2 players attempt explore the galaxy while wreaking havoc on one another while conquering the stars.

Master of Orion is new to me ( I can’t believe i just said that), but all hype this year has me looking into it.

Box Breaking 185 Munchkin Dragon’s Trike

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May 242016

Watch as I take a look at the small expansion for Munchkin.  It isn’t limited or collectible every pack is the same.  This is totally Dragon themed.

It’s all about dragons it has to be fun!

Catan: Traveler—Compact Edition™

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Jul 072015

Catan_Traveler_English Box_3DCatan: Traveler—Compact Edition™ $45.00

Whether you’re on the train, in the ski lodge or picnicking in the woods: This compact edition lets you take CATAN everywhere!

The space-saving box unfolds to reveal the variable board. Roads, settlements and cities are safe in their locking drawers.

Cards are held securely in holder trays. Even the dice, thanks to the practical hex-shaped shaker cannot get dropped and lost.

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Fate Dice: Frost Dice From Evil Hat Productions This June

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May 132015

fatediceFate Dice: Frost Dice


Twelve matte-finish, translucent “frosted” dice in three cool colors inspired by ice and frost:

  • Ice: 4 frosted clear Fate Dice with blue ink
  • Frozen Sage: 4 frosted green Fate Dice with white ink
  • Winter Chill: 4 frosted cool blue Fate Dice with white ink



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May 072015


Alignment is one of those weird game mechanics that can be viewed as both a hindrance and an aid. Because of this it is often the victim of a love hate type of relationship among players that can cause some heated disagreements. If they could apply their thoughts to its use they would not have so many words in lost to indifference.

When I speak of alignment in this article I’m not referring to any one system or style. I’m instead writing about the concept of what it can be in the development of character. If you apply such a system to developing the personality of your individual I believe it can be invaluable. Many of us walk through our lives with no “moral” code, at least not the way an alignment is is presented in game terms. That’s because games have a difficult time presenting alignment in an effective way. Since many alignments are presented as a code that creates a struggle of some sort, usually good and evil, they have to be broad so players can use them effectively with their creations. Not to mention many characters are created with to be adults ready to start their adventuring career. In reality this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In the real world we develop our “alignment” over years of character growth. For us our alignment is directly linked to what we believe, or to be more accurate, what we have come to believe. That is our faith directs our choices. This could mean you are guided by religion, science, or philosophy. It doesn’t matter what guides your thoughts what matters is that when you apply this to your character she has already lost years of development.

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Play-Through 1 Ninja Dice From Greenbrier Games

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May 042015

Ninja Dice is a press your luck dice game by Greenbrier Games.  In ninja dice one player will represent the House by rolling house dice.  One player will become the “active” ninja.  All other players will roll threat dice in an attempt to thwart the “active” ninja.  It is a great little game that fits in your pocket.

My Review of this little gem will be up soon.

Numenera: Weird Discoveries

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Apr 092015

weirdNumenera: Weird Discoveries



What’s the hardest part of running a game? It has to be the prep. GMs often commit hours to preparation before the first minute of Play – one of the biggest stumbling blocks to getting campaigns rolling. But what if running a great game didn’t require any more time for the GM than it does for the players?


Weird Discoveries explores the Ninth World with ten meaty, single-session adventures. Run them as one-shots, or drop them into your ongoing campaign when you don’t have time to prep your own adventures. Or run them as a campaign for months worth of effortless play! These aren’t adventure seeds – they’re complete, pre-prepped adventures in an innovative new format.


Weird Discoveries makes prepping for an RPG no more difficult or time consuming than setting up a board game, while showcasing the wonder, mystery, and awe of the Ninth World. A must-have for beginning Numenera GMs and veterans alike!



6 Pre-generated characters

10 Complete adventures


96 pages, Full color, Soft cover

Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game Adventure Kit

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Feb 192015

unleashedIron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game Adventure Kit


Become a hero. Battle fierce monsters. And eat them.

Welcome to the savage side of the Iron Kingdoms! Iron Kingdoms Unleashed explores the untamed lands of western Immoren, where even the heroes are monsters. To survive, you’ll need a bad attitude and a big appetite. Bash, slice, and chomp your way through your foes, then use their broken bodies as a power-packed snack to fuel your rampages or as ingredients for your primal magic. Monsters may be bad, but being a monster is good.

Let loose your bestial nature with the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game Adventure Kit (PIP 417)! This kit contains everything you need to start playing right away.

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D&D 5th: Princes of the Apocalypse

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Feb 122015

PrincesD&D 5th: Princes of the Apocalypse



Called by the Elder Elemental Eye to serve, four corrupt prophets have risen from the depths of anonymity to claim mighty weapons with direct links to the power of the elemental princes. Each of these prophets has assembled a cadre of cultists and creatures to serve them in the construction of four elemental temples of lethal design. It is up to adventurers from heroic factions such as the Emerald Enclave and the Order of the Gauntlet to discover where the true power of each prophet lay, and dismantle it before it comes boiling up to obliterate the Realms.

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Hero System: Fantasy Hero Complete: 6th Edition

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Jan 082015

Hero System: Fantasy Hero Complete: 6th Edition



Hero Games is proud to announce a new core Fantasy Hero roleplaying game book! Like our previously published core book Champions Complete, Fantasy Hero Complete will be a 240 page softcover with color cover, black and white interior, table of contents and index. It will be a stand-alone product containing all of the rules necessary to play Fantasy Hero with no other book required, but compatible with all Hero System 6th edition books. Fantasy Hero Complete will include spells, monsters, magic items, and a sample adventure in addition to all of the Skills, Powers, and Complications useful for the fantasy genre. Experienced players will find it to be a handy, easy-to-use addition to their Fantasy Hero library, while new players will be able to sit down with a copy, create characters, and start having fun!


Fantasy Hero Complete is being written by veteran Hero System author Michael Surbrook, with an original cover by Sam Flegal, interior layout by Ruben Smith-Zempel, and cartography by Keith Curtis. With thirty years of play behind it, our goal is to include everything Fantasy Hero gamers need (except pencil, paper, and a handful of six-sided dice), and nothing they don’t. New players will love the unmatched freedom of the Hero System, which allows them to create and play exactly the hero they imagine. Longtime fans will appreciate a tight, concise new approach, presenting the full game system at a fraction of its former length.