Feb 082018

A brand new Wreck Age edition, with lots of new ways to explore The Wilds.


If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve seen some of the informational roll-outs we’ve been doing for 2nd edition, just trickling out a bit of information at a time, but now it’s time for a deluge. So get your umbrellas and raincoats on, because here comes 2nd edition!
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Words With Hyacinth Games @ Adepticon 2016

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Apr 062016

I sat down with Anton and Matt from Hyacinth games at Adepticon.  We talked about Wreck-Age, specifically how well they are doing and vehicles.

Want to learn more check them out on Facebook or follow me on twitter and Facebook(links to the right) to see some more of their product.

Apr 052016

So you like Post Apocalypse games? Try this one, the environment collapsed and the elitists left leaving most of the population to fend for itself.  What has evolved?  A Mad Max style world or one more like Resident Evil?  There is enough room in this unique skirmish game that doubles as a strategy RPG.  Wreck-Age use simple concepts to create complex tactical movements created by the player.

See how easy it is?  Stop back tomorrow for an interview with the Wreck-Age Crew.

Interview With Hyacinth Games From Gen Con 2012

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Aug 242012

Matt and Anton talk about Wreck-Age. We cover game mechanics, background, and the new Kickstarter.  We even go into a little detail about the elements they are adding to the game.



If you want to learn more about Wreck-Age visit them here.  If you liked our interview our social media links are on the right hand side.

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