Apr 052016

So you like Post Apocalypse games? Try this one, the environment collapsed and the elitists left leaving most of the population to fend for itself.  What has evolved?  A Mad Max style world or one more like Resident Evil?  There is enough room in this unique skirmish game that doubles as a strategy RPG.  Wreck-Age use simple concepts to create complex tactical movements created by the player.

See how easy it is?  Stop back tomorrow for an interview with the Wreck-Age Crew.

Aug 242012

Matt and Anton talk about Wreck-Age. We cover game mechanics, background, and the new Kickstarter.  We even go into a little detail about the elements they are adding to the game.



If you want to learn more about Wreck-Age visit them here.  If you liked our interview our social media links are on the right hand side.

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