WarHammer Fantasy RPG: The Enemy Within from Fantasy Flight Games

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Nov 082012

WarHammer Fantasy RPG: The Enemy Within

Release Date: Nov 2012

$ 59.95

Who is the man in the black hood? Explore classic themes of corruption and betrayal in The Enemy Within, a massive campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay that takes characters all the way from their first sessions to the pinnacles of legend. A sinister figure stands poised to thrust the Old World into chaos, but fate has chosen an unlikely band of heroes to oppose him. Can you solve this mystery before it’s too late?

I know everyone of you have came up with a cool background for your favorite champion in your fantasy Warhammer Fantasy armies now is your chance to see if you can live up to you dream thanks to Fantasy Flight Games see how you do at making it all come true.

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Games Workshop Unveils the New Empire Models

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Mar 302012

GW has announced the April releases and they are full of the new Empire models.  They went ahead and made a video of it.    Here it is.



You can also visit  Games Workshop to se all of the models, including finecast.


I, for the first time in a long time, am happy with some of these models.  My favorite is Karl Franz, On Deathclaw.

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Vampire counts January Releases

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Jan 052012

Well these are not official in any way, but my sources tell me that Vampire Counts will be receiving the following on the 14th:


Vampire Counts Army Book

Vampire Counts Coven Engine or Mortis Engine

Vampire Counts Black Knights or Hexwraiths

Vampire Counts Vargheists or Crypt Horrors

Vampire Counts Wight King

I can’t wait to see these models. We will try and get pictures as soon as they are made available.


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Building 16k Warhammer Fantasy My First Converted Centigor

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Dec 012011

If you haven’t read the first two installments of this article you might want to start there.


I have gone ahead and converted a Ellyrian Reaver into a Centigor.  Since, I am not very artsy I am quite happy with the result.  I even think it is a better representation of the what I believe a Centigor should look like than the actual models.   Below I will give you the step by step instructions that I used followed by a gallery of photos.

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Building 16k Deciding on Centigors

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Nov 152011

If you have not read the rest of this diary you might want to start at the beginning.  When I started building my 16000 point army I knew there would be some challenges. The most obvious challenge is money. I have been looking for ways to curb the cost of this monster for some time now. One of these ideas is to use proxy models when ever I get the chance. I will only do this for the models beyond that of a standard game (3000 points).

Looking at my army I have a need for about two hundred Centigors. Games Workshop charges about 12.00 a piece. That is just way too much money. I guess that leaves me with two options. One is to sculpt them all myself, or make a master mold. The other seems to be converting them. Both the options will take a considerable amount of time and both seem daunting.

About two years ago I started looking for a cost efficient model to convert. I was at a loss and had given up. Then GW came out with the Island of Blood starter set. It contains Elyrian Reavers. A very inexpensive model. You can get 5 on eBay for like 5 dollars shipped. Yes, I had decided it was time to start converting.

Now, that I had chosen the base model for my Centigors, I needed the rest of the pieces parts. You can get everything you need out of the Gors box set. Or if you are cheap, like me, you can find everything on eBay to make five Centigors for under 10.00. Yep, that’s right five 12.00 figs for only 10.00.

Next time around I will either post my how to make the Centigor from a a reaver or I will post some pics of the one I have finished. I am still deciding if this should be a video, written instructions, or both.


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Oct 052011

While the lawsuit has been going on for awhile now it appears there is some new news.   If you have not been to Dakka Dakka and to Bell of Lost Souls (BoLS) to read about it I suggest you go here and here.  I am going to recap a little bit of what is being said, but I am only going to recap the main portion of the posts.  I encourage you to visit the links and read them for yourself.

In a nutshell, Games Workshop filed suit against Chapterhouse because they (GW) claim Chapterhouse has infringed on the intellectual property of Games Workshop.  Chapterhouse motioned for a dismissal saying that GW must cite where the infringement is.  So far it seems GW has not defined the areas of infringement.

The post on BoLS by BarCode states that GW has taken the following actions in response to the lawsuit.

  • They have put some Tyranid and Eldar releases on hold until the legal matters have been settled.
  • The Tervigon kit will not be released.  Instead they will release a new monster.
  • Thunderwolves will no longer be released.
  • GW will go to a single wave release schedule.

I don’t know about you but not all of those are bad things.   OK, I am bummed out by the fact that Nids and Eldar are on hold.  But the truth is GW made that  choice not Chapterhouse.  Do I agree with it?  That is both a yes and a no.  Which I will cover in more detail in a minute (it is all opinion).

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Building 16k the Beginning

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Sep 192011

This is my tale of building 16k.  It will include everything from lists, to painting, and maybe more.


Yes, I know you are thinking this is crazy. Who would build a 16,000 point fantasy army. Well, most of think it is, but most of us around here like to play with all of our toys and we do not fall into your standard category of just playing one list. Which we actually believe to be a great gaming crime. So, it actually makes sense for us to play a large game.

I have to thank my buddy for this idea though. About 4 years ago he purchased 16k plus worth of vampire counts. Ever since I have been trying to catch up.

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Gw Strikes Again

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Jun 022011

Well, not really the news is just filtering down to us.  It appears that the GW price hikes have really ticked off the Australians.  Yes that is right, so much in fact that they have started a Facebook petition page.  The concerns they have are the price hike, and the quality of the new Citadel fine cast.   Please take  the time to go to the  petition and read it over.   It is a good one.   It will give even the most disillusioned player an eye opener.  As if that isn’t enough, Gw has attacked The Australian market again by placing an embargo on UK sellers.   This embargo restricts sellers from selling to certain countries.   Here is what Maelstrom Games posted about GW’s new policy.



While Gw can’t stop sellers from making the international sale – they can.  Games Workshop exercises their power very well by bullying vendors.  If they catch a a vendor in violation of their policies they will simply stop selling to them.


Gw has been showing their true colors for sometime now.  As a result it looks like players are uniting and saying shove it.  Go get  em Australia – best of luck.

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