Sep 012014

ShuffleTech is the first time I have ever seen High quality sleeves paired with sleeve inserts at a reasonable – no great price.



When I start playing MtG again, hopefully soon, I will consider these for protection.

Forged in Fire Signing with Bryan Pope

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Jun 152014

Warning the exhibit hall is quite loud. Bryan Pope , producer and creator of the smash hit Mage Wars, from Arcane Wonders shows his support to Through Gamer Goggles by signing Copies of Forged in Fire. These copies are available as a pledge on Through Gamer Goggles Kickstarter you can find it here.     I have to put a special thanks out to Arcane Wonders for making this happen – especially Bryan Pope.

Galactic Strike Force from Greater Than Games

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May 032014

Galactic Strike Force


Galactic Strike Force is a cooperative, tactical, deck-building game in which two to six players each take control of a ship and a crew in defense of the galaxy! Dangerous opposition forces threaten to overrun the entire galaxy, and the players must not only build up their ships, but also work together tactically to stop them!

However, this Strike Force is not made up of stalwart defenders, space cops or Volnethian Guardians. In Galactic Strike Force, you play as scoundrels,  members of the galactic underworld! Smugglers, space pirates, gun runners, bounty hunters, and information brokers make up the ranks of the Strike Force which has come together to defend the galaxy!

Each player begins the game with a Strike Force ship panel and a unique, eight-card deck which represents their ship and its crew. Arrayed against the Strike Force is one of five Opposition fleets, spread across a number of different sectors. Rather than players having individual turns, the game rounds proceed through five phases, in which the players act simultaneously.


Players use Travel Cards from sector to sector, Requisition Cards from various stations, and install their Tech Cards in hand to upgrade their ships. Then, the Strike Force may engage the Opposition in battle across every sector; however, while the Strike Force has been preparing their assault, the Opposition has grown ever more powerful. Finally, in the Aftermath, the Opposition forces gain resources when unopposed and add strength and numbers to their fleet. Ultimately, the Strike Force must work together to drive the Opposition from their systems and to final defeat.

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Magic the Gathering: Face the Hydra Challenge Deck Display

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Oct 052013

Magic the Gathering Face the Hydra Challenge Deck DisplayMagic the Gathering: Face the Hydra Challenge Deck Display

$71.94 SRP



Theros is the first set in the newest Magic: The Gathering block and also a brand new plane in the Magic Multiverse. The setting is inspired by Greek mythology, a theme that longtime fans have always asked to see interpreted by the award-winning worldbuilders and designers of Magic. The plane of Theros is ruled by a pantheon of all-powerful gods. Krakens, minotaurs, and other monsters threaten the safety of walled cities. Heroes rise to battle, bolstered by their devotion to the gods. The set tells the story of Theros with new cards that include: legendary god creatures, powerful enchantments, and brand new Planeswalkers.


Your Game Day kit includes an innovative new activity for you to host at your store! Challenge Decks offer players a chance to pit their Standard decks and Hero Cards against a powerful mythological enemy that plays by its own rules.


Game Day Face the Hydra Challenge Deck Kit Contains:

• 2 Face the Hydra instructional Playmats

• 2 Face the Hydra Challenge Decks

• Double-sided countertop display stand


When you schedule a Theros Game Day event youwill be sent a Face The Hydra Challenge Deck Kit(1 kit per WPN location).Scheduling Game Day also allows you to pre-order the retail version of theFace the Hydra Challenge Decks (6 for WPN Core stores, 12 for Advanced stores).


ACD will be offering WOC pricing on this product so please select ACD Distribution when scheduling your Theros Game Day event with Wizards of the Coast and do not miss out on this mythic adventure for Magic: The Gathering!


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Magic the Gathering M14

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Jun 072013

Each year brings an exciting new release of the Magic: The Gathering Core Set. Brand new cards are introduced, a few favorites return, and the Standard tournament environment is invigorated with fresh ideas for decks. The Magic 2014 Core Set offers impressive cards for Magic players of all experience levels; including a new version of a popular creature type, Slivers!


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Summoner Wars

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Jun 072013

PhoenixSuW: Phoenix Elves: 2nd Summoner Faction Deck

$9.95 SRP


All those who have wronged the Phoenix Elves will now know the power of the great bird whose name they invoke! Queen Maldaria joins the Summoner Wars as the Phoenix Elves’ Second Summoner.


This Second Summoner deck is a full faction deck with its own Summoner, set-up card, Champions, Commons, Walls and Event Cards. It requires a Summoner Wars Master Set or Starter Set to play.


It is a stand-alone faction deck, but the Commons and Champions from this deck can also be switched in and out with Phoenix Elves cards from the Phoenix Elves vs. Tundra Orcs starter set and from the Rukar’s Power reinforcement pack.



1 Queen Maldaria – Summoner

1 Fanessa – Champion

1 Kaebeeros – Champion

1 Duke Ramazall – Champion

7 Firelings – Common

6 Fire Archers – Common

5 Fire Dancers – Common

1 Release the Hounds – Event

1 Wrath of the Volcano – Event

2 Passion of the Phoenix – Events

2 Lava Flow – Events

3 Conjure Phoenixes – Events

3 Wall Cards

6 Phoenixes – Conjuration

1 Summoner Reference Card

1 Conjurations Rules Card


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May 102013

MTG Modern MastersMagic the Gathering: Modern Masters Booster Display


Reprints of popular cards for the Modern tournament format! Modern Masters is a large set of reprints from Eighth Edition through Alara Reborn. Modern format tournaments are played around the globe, from Friday Night Magic to the Pro Tour, and players have been clamoring for reprints of popular cards to add to their decks. Modern Masters brings back tournament staples, including the highly sought-after Tarmogoyf.


This set is available worldwide in English only with a conservative print run. Each booster pack includes a foil card, and many of the cards in the set will feature alternate art. Packs randomly include Token cards, several of which have never been printed before. Designed to be drafted! Modern Masters was designed with a booster draft experience in mind. Display boxes contain 24 packs, the perfect amount for an eight player booster draft!

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Wizards of the Coast Magic 2014 sample spoiler

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May 072013

Wizards of the Coast today announced two exciting new features coming to Magic 2014 – Duels of the Planeswalkers! Sealed Play and a new take on the popular Slivers creature type will both make their debut in the Duels of the Planeswalkers franchise with Magic 2014.


The addition of Sealed Play will allow players to open booster packs and build decks to play against the AI and other players. Each sealed pool is comprised of 84 cards, mimicking paper TCG booster packs. The PvE experience includes a six-deck ladder where players take on mono-colored Sealed decks each corresponding with a particular Planeswalker, and finally facing a ‘boss’ Sealed deck.


Another feature debuting in Magic 2014 is a new take on the popular Slivers creature type. A fan-favorite, new playable Slivers in Magic 2014 decks will include the following:


?     Sliver Construct

?     Predatory Sliver

?     Groundshaker Sliver

?     Megantic Sliver

?     Blur Sliver

?     Striking Sliver

?     Thorncaster Sliver

?     Battle Sliver

?     Sentinel Sliver

?     Bonescythe Sliver


In addition, Hive Stirrings, a sorcery that creates Sliver tokens, will also be included in Magic 2014.


The Magic 2014 – Duels of the Planeswalkers video game will be available for PC, Xbox Live Arcade, PSN, iPad, and Android tablet for the first time when it launches this summer. The Magic 2014 product line-up also includes the Magic 2014 – Core Set for the paper trading card game (TCG) and Magic Online.


Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything else.

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Fringe Seasons 3 and 4 Trading Card BD Coming in May

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Apr 202013

FringeFringe Seasons 3 and 4 Trading Card BD

$84.00 SRP

Cryptozoic Fringe Seasons 3 and 4 goes deeper down the rabbit hole of the popular science fiction show. The show’s second set maintains many of the similar elements of the first, including autographs and costume cards. A total of 72 cards make up the 2013 Cryptozoic Fringe Seasons 3 and 4 base set. Cards retell key points in the series, which stars Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and John Noble. With two universes now firmly established by the show, these seasons focus on the ongoing conflicts between the two. “Universe A”- and “Universe B” are nine-card insert sets that explore both worlds of the Fringe Division team. The set also includes randomly inserted autograph cards from the main cast and guest stars from seasons three and four.

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Dragon’s Maze and The Battle for Ravnica

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Apr 182013


Dragon MazeIt’s less than three weeks away from the launch of Dragon’s Maze and the Azorius guild is currently on top of the guild leaderboard with 3,390,302 Planeswalkers Points!


While the release of the final set in Magic: The Gathering’s Return to Ravnica block on May 3 comes with great excitement, it also means that time is running out in the battle for control of Ravnica. But there is still time to join a guild! So please feel free to encourage your readers to pick a side as they enjoy the rest of the Return to Ravnica block. In choosing an affiliation, players can take part in the battle of control for Ravnica at their local Wizards Play Network locations.




In the meantime, the rest of the leaderboard currently stands at:




1)    Azorius (3,390,302)


2)    Izzet  (3,330,408)


3)    Dimir (2,485,106)


4)    Simic (2,209,464)


5)    Golgari (1,628,324)


6)    Boros (1,597,323)


7)    Orzhov (1,519,002)


8)    Selesnya (1,392,553)


9)    Rakdos (1,214,476)


10) Gruul (889,470)




Information about the 10 guilds of Ravnica, as well as a guild quiz that will help players select a guild to affiliate with, can be found at To stay up to date on where your favorite guild stands in the battle for control of Ravnica, please continue to check the Guild Leaderboard.




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