Apr 162012


Olympic Class Troop Transport The Olympic Liner is one of the largest passenger ships ever created. Built at the Proctor & Mercer Shipyards in Middlesbrough, these impressive vessels have carried people over the seas in style since 1861. A main selling point is the advanced technological design, and claimed robustness of the ship’s hull. However, the outbreak of world war saw many of the Olympic Liners refitted to fulfil the role of a troop carrier. With its pioneering keel design, the Olympic Class Troop Transport cuts through the water at high speed, allowing it to efficiently deliver thousands of troops to war zones around the globe.




I do believe this will be my first Dystopian Wars Model.  I wonder if the Prussians will find the Bismarck?

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Nov 262011

Here we go Another set of releases for Uncharted Seas.   I haven’t played in about a year, but I will admit these new models are making me want to play again.  I think my favorite from this batch is The Imperial Humans Assault Air Balloons.


I hope to have a demo Game up in the near future.  I have a lot on my plate right now with the holidays.


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Nov 072011

Spartan Games has a track record for making November a busy month. Here is a list of releases that will be available in the US by the 30th.


– Dreadnoughts and Destroyers for every fleet in Firestorm Armada

– 5 scenery models for Dystopian Wars

– 5 Covenant Of Antarctica models for Dystopian Wars (naval battle group models now available separately)

– Phase 3

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