Aug 192014

In this video we learn how to play Splendor with an Asmodee volunteer at Origins.   Then Lisa and Deborah play a game through.



Splendor looks like a great banking game that entertains simple strategies that work critical thinking.


You can learn more at Asmodee.

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Jul 162014

This is one of the cooler items I stumbled upon at Origins game Fair.  Join me as I drool over the pages of the Limited edition Doctor Who rulebook from Cubicle 7.  If you’re a Doctor Who fan this book is worth it just for the art.  Cubicle 7 did an awesome job

You can learn more about this book at Cubicle 7.


This is my first ever Doctor Who book so if I screwed up something let me know!

I hope to have the game review in two weeks for you so like is on Facebook or follow us on twitter to learn when it’s live

Jul 162014

First I’m sorry this took so long, but I had a lot of unforeseen problems after Origins that prevented me from taking the time to break this down into three parts. For example flooding put our internet provider under water, that makes the whole social media thing pretty difficult.  There were other weather problems but no access to the internet was the worst. But Randall and I did talk at Origins game Fair about nearly everything Catalyst related.  Since Randall had so much to say it was necessary to break it into smaller segments.

  • Sprawl Gangers
  • Battletech and SR box sets
  • Valiant, The Duke, and Hostile Takeover

Part one is about the current trends with Sprawl Gangers. The Skirmish Game that takes place in the Shadowrun Universe. We do chat about Valiant briefly but we come back to it later.

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Jul 032014

At Origins I had the rare chance to sit down With Tracy Hickman.  Tracy speaks to all writers in this interview about the monster that is Amazon and the importance of self promotion.




this was the first part in what was supposed to be three parts, but we never managed to get back together to talk about Batman and Scribe’s Froge

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Jun 252014

Andrew Hackard and I have a good chat about everything Munchkin from Steve Jackson Games while at Origins.  I even manage to wrestle some top secret information out of him.     Here it is.

You can learn more about all of Steve’s Games at Steve Jackson Games.

Jun 232014

Uwe and I had the Chance to sit down and chat about the approach Academy Games has with games  in Education.   If you’ve never heard Uwe speak on anything this is your chance to be welcomed into a delightful conversation.



Check out their products at Academy Games.

Jun 232014

gamer-goggles_logo_xlargeAt Origins I had the Chance to sit down with the guys from Paradigm Concepts and chat with them about Rotted Caps and Witch Hunter.  This interview is just full of valuable information.


Visit them at Gen Con and  at Paradigm Concepts.


My review of Rotted Capes will come in July!

Jun 202014

At Origins I had the rare opportunity to sit down and chat with Mike Selinker of Lone Shark Games.  Mike shares a bit of his history in game design .  We talk about Pirates of the Spanish Main, TSR, WotC, The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, and more.


Mike will be at Gen Con for those of you that want to try and meet him.

Jun 192014

MERCS_logoAt Origins Kenny and I chatted about, MERCS 2nd ed, Emergence Event, Mercs Conflict, Myth, and a little bit about Recon.  They are an overworked bunch of guys that are great to be around at a convention.   Which by the way make sure you read my thoughts on MERCS Conflict in a couple of days.   I had the chance to play the game while at the show.


I llok forward to seeing you guys at Gen Con.

Visit them at MegaCon Games.

Jun 192014

folkloreWhile at Origins I took some time with TwinFire Production and looked in  detail at Folklore the Affliction.   Folklore the Affliction is a Kickstarter project scheduled for the fall of 2014.   The game is a classic horror storytelling game that uses nuances of table top role playing with board game mechanics.   We did this from the Crown with only natural light, I think it kind of adds to the theme of the the game.


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