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We would like to thank the following individuals and companies who have helped us on our quest to blend gaming with real life.  They have been instrumental in getting this blog off and running,  and we appreciate them very much!




If you would like to contribute — a gaming related product for a demo or a review, an article, a suggestion — contact us at gamergog @


We are also in need of the following items:

  • Photography lighting
  • Logitech C900 HD webcam
  • Canon T2i with the stock kit lens
  • 4 Digital camcorders (pretty much anything newer than the one we are using which is from 1998!).   We would prefer:
  • 3 Zoom H1, H2, or H4 microphones
  • 3 Behringer 1800ls microphones with carrying case and weighted mic stands
  • tripods, various sizes
  • Behringer eurorack 802 mixer








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