Jun 072013

Blackclaw Games has recently released Space Conspiracy. Space Conspiracy is a role playing game in the science fictionspace genre with a large dose of quirky humor mixed in.

In the game, characters are created with a point buy system that players use to assign values to various attributes like Smarts, Muscles, and Attention Span. Players can also spend points on bonus traits such as “shiny” which grants the character shiny skin that helps reduce the damage taken from lasers. Players can get more points to spend by taking negative traits such as “doomed” which can result in the character being squished by a random asteroid. Dying in the game is almost assured, but the existence of clones allows characters to live on in different bodies, albeit sometimes with mutations.

Upon creation, each character knows about a randomly created conspiracy. The combined collection of conspiracies known by the party shapes the campaign universe. Within this universe characters will face challenges, wear living hats, and battle great horned fuzzwazzles with rocket launchers and ham sandwiches.

More information about Space Conspiracy can be found at www.spaceconspiracy.com. The book can be purchased at Amazon and a downloadable PDF is available at DriveThruRPG.


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