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Jan 262017

Out of the Abyssdungeons_n_dragons_logo_old_3_by_banesbox-d31uxsx


255 pp.

Retail 49.95

Published by Wizards of the Coast



Being the fourth adventure book for Dungeons and Dragons 5th ed., it has a lot to live up to. Like Princes of Apocalypse, Out of the Abyss is also a full blown campaign for characters from levels 1 through 15. While it’s set in Forgotten Realms, it gives us a totally new look into this game world. It is the first look we get into the Underdark in 5th edition.

The first thing I noticed when reading this book was that it felt different or unique while still preserving a connection to Forgotten Realms. They did a good job of making the Underdark have a personality all its own. So many things they did make it a character that is dangerous, creepy, and weird. There are hints and reflections of psionics throughout the book, which brings a rising anticipation to the traditional Underdark motifs that we are used to, but with new interpretations and mechanics.

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Dec 312016

In this Play Through Review Matt demonstrates the good and bad about  Bomb Squad.

This is the first gam I have ever played with a revealed hand mechanic and I like the way Tasty Minstrel Games worked it in.

Jul 312016

One of the great things about Gen Con is that so many new games make their debut, I suspect around one hundred every year. One of those games this year is Grimslingers from Greenbrier Games.  Stephen Gibson is both the artist and the creator.

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Sep 242015

In this review of Dragon’s Gold Matt plays through a turn and shares his final thoughts with you.  Dragons Gold is a game of some simple strategies  that set up a haggling war.  Dragon’s Gold, from IDW , can dbe a fully cooperative game or one where no one walks away a friend.  It’s really and amazing game.

Come back soon for the written review.

Jul 192015

AmegaWeapon_LGThe Amega Weapon

Published by The Amega Weapon

Designed by Scott Gower

In The Amega Weapon, players race to build the ultimate weapon. This is done by flying through space and collecting parts from various space stations. There are several hazards in the game like navigating asteroid fields, novae tiles, your opponents, and the dreaded Black Star.

You might find this appealing if you like semi-cooperative games, space themes, and if you don’t mind sitting around the table with friends anywhere from thirty minutes to four hours. Since the game’s release at Gen Con 2014, the designer has added a set of tournament rules based off the feedback of people who have played the game.

I was introduced to The Amega Weapon at Gen Con last year and I had fun playing the game. Since then I have played it about fourteen times. I have discovered that it can be repetitive, it’s always fun, and Scott truly cares about this game. We’ll cover all of those in more detail as we move through this review.

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Jun 262015

student bodiesStudent Bodies is a cut throat zombie game designed by Michael Grenier and Matthew Regney. Published by Smirk and Dagger Games, it’s recommended for two to five players ages ten and up. I would say that the cut throat style of play in this game leads to a slap in the face kind of motif.

In Student Bodies you and your peers are faced with the dilemma of escaping the highschool during a zombie apocalypse. The problem is that there are so many zombies you first need to get to the chem lab and create an antidote or in game terms find it. Then you have to make a dash across the campus to escape out the front door after dodging a shambling mound of zombies without getting bitten. Don’t worry too much about being bit, if you’re turned into a smart zombie and can still win by eating other players, which I find to be a rather fun and redeeming factor when there are more than two players.

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Jun 252015

In this video Matt and David play through their idea of a Yashima Demo game.  Then they share their thoughts on what is good or bad.

If you visit Tony Gullotti’s Facebook page you can get a look at some of the newer things they have planned.

Sep 252014

9781782000754-th2Thor Myths and Legends is a really good intro book who wants to learn about the mythology of Thor and other Nrose gods. If you’re only familiar with the Marvel version of Thor sit down before you read this books.

There are several tales about Thor in this book, many are even complete. Graeme takes a historical approach that references other books and documents that have studied these poems and legends in a far greater detail. But the information is far from dry, he breaks it down so anyone can rad the contents.

As you might imagine many of these stories developed Thor, but what little do we know. Thor was a red head, according to legend. These stories touch upon the Thor’s strength, Loki, How he won the hammer, his hatred for frost giants and more.

There’s even a section on the Marvel version of Thor. It was really cool to see that the myth has evolved into today’s world and still maintains much of it’s origin.


It is only 8- pages but it will keep you entertained for more than an evening.

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Sep 042014

Valiant Bloodshot


This is the second free pdf for the Valiant RPG. It focuses on the story event the Harbinger Wars. Which inevitably pits Bloodshot against Harbinger Foundation, the renegades, and the Hard C.O.R.P.S. I haven’t read the story, but a friend of mine put it in to a context I would understand. He said take squirrels on crack, add the octagon and kung fu theatre effect – bam The Harbinger Wars!


I get that and it set some pretty high expectations for this adventure.


Before we start you should know a few things

  • you need the QSR or valiant RPG rules to play this supplement
  • You and your friends get to play Bloodshot
  • This is an adventure



The adventure is broken into 4 parts; the prelude,Horada Protocol, Promise broke, and Showdown on the steps.


I’m going to be my best and keep this brief. I really don’t want to spoil anything for you.


The prelude is what sets the stage. The players are Bloodshot and psiots. Bloodshot gets a bad wrap by the psiots and must convince them he’s innocent. When we played this was quite an exciting part of the game. We caused so much trouble we nearly killed each other off, but good story telling prevented an untimely death.


After a short rest, we ate dinner, we moved into the Harada Protocol. Which turned out to be my favorite part for two reason. It was almost non stop action of some sort – you fight Harada. We had all kinds of crazy thing going down that forced us to focus on game mechanics. I found this chapter to be a tutorial on great game play and the mechanics of the Valiant RPG system. Who said learning can’t be fun.


In the third part you’re supposed to recover from the battle fought in the Harada Protocol. It’s more like run for your life while you try and regain your health. The chapter is Blood shot trying recover while fending off the minions.


The last chapter is exactly what you would expect. It is the final battle. Where Bloodshot faces off with Toyo Harada. This portion of the adventure went badly for us and Bloodshot ended up loosing. But it was a tremendous amount of fun.



The adventure was an insane amount of fun. This and the QSR are a free download so there is no reason why you shouldn’t try this with your friends. It’s a super quick game to learn and it is very social. I mean your’e going to sit around with beer and pretzels anyway why not tell a story too?


If you are interested you can get Bloodshot at DriveThruRpg

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