Golem Arcana: Urugal: Ashmogh Colossus

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Jun 242015

ashmogGolem Arcana: Urugal: Ashmogh Colossus



It is said that the bones of the past should have been left alone, but these are desperate times and thus desperate measures were taken. The Ashmogh was resurrected from the ashes of an Urugal necropolis long buried under the desert sands, and now people wonder if it wasn’t buried with good reason. The reckless indiscrimination with which the Ashmogh destroys both friend and foe in its hunger for destruction leave many Urugal wondering if the old ways were not in fact better left resting in the dark.

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Jul 272014

Golem Arcana Base Game Set 

$79.99 SRP

base game

Golem Arcana is a point-based army building game. Each player fields an army consisting of Golems, Knights (sorcerers who “pilot” the Golems), Ancient Ones (powerful gods that might intervene on the army’s behalf), and Relics (powerful magical artifacts that can be carried and deployed by Golems), and each unit has special powers and capabilities. The key to victory is figuring out how to best combine these abilities to unleash havoc on the enemy.


The magic of the Bluetooth-powered Tabletop Digital interface (TDI) Stylus keeps the Golem Arcana App connected to the action on the gameboard. Players move their Golems and launch attacks by tapping the appropriate game pieces with the stylus.


To Move:

• Tap the base of the Golem you want to move.

• Tap the square on the board you’d like to move to.

• The App calculates movement costs, reminds you of the appropriaterules when necessary, and handles any necessary record keeping.


To Launch an Attack:

• Tap the base of the Golem making the attack.

• Tap the base of the target.

• The App calculates line of sight, the chance to hit (automatically applyingall the relevant modifiers), and expected damage.

• Roll the dice. (Or have the App do it for you!)

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