Aug 172016

At Gen Con I caught up with Mikaela and Devon from End Transmission Games.  We discuss the Singularity System, Splinter (not the rat), and Dice Punk.

They also share some of their freelancing experience.  They must be doing something right to sponsor Gen Con!

Aug 162016

Jason and I always have fun we disicuss Court of Shadows, Anarchy and Music and Trog!

I have to admit when I first heard about Court of Shadows I was skeptical, but I think I like the idea now.

So how does a troll sleep with dermal deposits?

Aug 152016

At Gen Gen Con Kevin and I chatted about Robotech Tactics, Rifts and  all things Palladium.  Kevin answers some good questions in here that are from Ben Parker, Jorel Levenson, Marnie Jefferson, Matt Trotta, Graham Bailey,  Oscar Mardones Schopflin, and Dave Knighthawk. Thanks guys.

It’s always a good talk when I get to sit down with Kevin.  I managed to ease drop a bit and while I can’t tell you what I heard I can affirm the plans for Robotech Tactics and Rifts are just out of this world.


The Drake is only about 50 pieces, but it seems like two hundred.

Aug 142016

I  caught up with Jodi Black from Pinnacle Entertainment and Carolina Tables at Gen Con.  We talked about Flash Gordon, Rifts and the Carolina Table line.

It Sounds like Pinnacle has cool plans for the near future.

Aug 132016

Jeff Combos of Exile Game Studio give me an introduction to Hollow Earth.  I Think of it as Journey to the center of the Earth,  X-men, and Indiana Jones all worked into one great story.

The setting of Hollow Earth sounds amazing.  I really can’t wait to find out how the mechanics are unique.

Aug 132016

I had the chance to sit down with the crew of Arc Dream Publishing at Gen Con and we talked about everything Delta Green.  It’s long but there is a lot of good info in here if you are just starting out.

This was one of my more interesting interviews at Gen Con this year.