Aug 152016

At Gen Gen Con Kevin and I chatted about Robotech Tactics, Rifts and  all things Palladium.  Kevin answers some good questions in here that are from Ben Parker, Jorel Levenson, Marnie Jefferson, Matt Trotta, Graham Bailey,  Oscar Mardones Schopflin, and Dave Knighthawk. Thanks guys.

It’s always a good talk when I get to sit down with Kevin.  I managed to ease drop a bit and while I can’t tell you what I heard I can affirm the plans for Robotech Tactics and Rifts are just out of this world.


The Drake is only about 50 pieces, but it seems like two hundred.

Box Breaking 139 Robotech RPG Tactics

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Sep 232014

In this Box Breaking Matt Takes a look at Robotech Tactics from Palladium.   This box set contains everything 2 players need to play the game; Rulebook, 15 Veritech’s 2 Tomahawks, 2 Defenders 12 Battlepods template, dice and more.



I’m super stoked about this game.

Words With Kevin Siembieda From Palladium Press @ Gen Con

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Aug 232014

I approached Kevin at Gen Con and asked to do an interview.  He was happy to chat about everything Palladium Book does while dropping some eggs about the future.




I’m looking forward to some great things for Robotech, Palladium, and Rifts.