Box Breaking 177 Panda Head

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Mar 222016

In this Box Breaking Matt takes a look a Panda Head from R&R games.  A card game that plays in 10 to 20 minutes.  It’s a trick-taking card game where the winning Panda is the one who stays awake the longest by scoring the fewest points. That’s right … points are bad!

I used to play a lot of Pinochle as a child I wonder if the point system will destroy me?

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New Games From R&R Coming Soon

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May 082012

Double Take

$ 19.95 SRP

Double Take is a charades game built for two, so to speak. Each round, time willing, two players will present clues for a half-dozen familiar phrases that all have something in common. A sample category, for example, is “Something’s Wrong” with the words to be guessed being divided as:

  • Play | Foul
  • In the Closet | Skeleton
  • Sheep | Black
  • Gun | Smoking

Each clue giver acts out one side of the card, and since they’re facing the guessers, the phrases will be acted out in left-to-right fashion (“Black Sheep”, “Smoking Gun”, etc.) If someone guesses one side of the card, that player scores – but the clue givers score only after both sides of a phrase have been guessed, so they need to work together – but separately – to make their clues clear.



$ 19.95 SRP


The word is … PASS-ACKWORDS! Each round there is a secret word with a list of clues to help figure it out. On your turn, you announce the worst clue possible off the list to try to disguise the secret word from your opponents. Trouble is, you want YOUR teammate to guess correctly! Each turn, your list of possible clues shrinks while the hints get better and better. First team to guess the word wins the round!


Pluckin Pairs

$ 19.95 SRP


Who will pluck the most popular pairs? Each player gets 60 seconds to pair up 11 images at the same time. 5 pairs and one bad apple! Players gain points by matching the most other players with the same pairs. Test your powers of prediction with this fun family game!


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