Jan 022017

In this episode of Role-Play Ramblings Matt talks with guest Jason Bulmahn at Gen Con 2016 about how to introduce romance into your game sessions.


I always have a good time talking with Jason Bulmahn.  This was certainly no exception.  Being a GM for my teenage boys you can only imagine what kind of trouble I’m stirring up with potions of love.

Jan 022017

In this episode of Role-Play Ramblings Matt discusses spotlighting. Which is the art of allowing player characters shine at the right point in time for them to become integral to the story.

I have been GMing for about 30 years and I still find this to be one of the most difficult things to do!

Jan 022017

To start Season two of Role-Play Ramblings Matt talks about the importance of note taking in an RPG.  He covers who should takes notes and  when some of the better times for taking them are.



I had a lot of fun filming this episode.  It took me a lot longer than I thought it would to play three people, but I had a blast.  I hope to do more like this in the future.

Jan 292015

In this session on creating character Matt talks about the BIG 3, or if you prefer the influences that help your character make decisions.


I’ve been having a lot of fun with this and I hope you have been too.

Oct 092014

Matt Looks at the Advanced Class Guide for Pathfinder .  It features 10 new classes.   Many of these are mergers that are basically “templated” multi-classes  that are ready for the players to move on without wasting time on too many decisions.  my favorite two are the Bloodrager and the Investigator.  The Bloodrager barbarism with sorcery, while the investigator mixes alchemy with a rogue.  the book also introduces new archetypes, prestige classes, feats, spells, equipment and a chapter on designing your own classes.



I will be writing a full review in the seven to fourteen  days.

Jul 212013

Murder in Baldur’s GateD&D: Forgotten Realms: Murder in Baldur’s Gate

$34.95 SRP

Murder in Baldur’s Gate is an adventure for character levels 1-3 set in one of the most popular cities in the Forgotten Realms. Players take on the role of heroes defending the city against an ancient evil long thought slain.



64 page Campaign Guide

32 page Adventure Book

DM Screen

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Nov 242012

Never Unprepared: Game Master’s Guide

Release Date: Nov 2012

$ 19.95

Whether you’re new to game mastering or have been running the same campaign since 1974, Never Unprepared: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Session Prep will help you prepare for games faster, avoid common pitfalls, and have more fun in the process. To our knowledge, this is the first book entirely devoted to the process of prepping for tabletop RPGs. Ten years in the making, Never Unprepared is award-winning author Phil Vecchione’s epic rock ballad to game prep. A project manager and veteran game master, he draws on extensive experience to present flexible systems for developing or optimizing your own unique approach to game prep. Phil’s work has previously appeared on GnomeStew.com (silver ENnie Award winner for Best Blog, 2010 and 2011) and in Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters and Masks: 1,000 Memorable NPCs for Any Roleplaying Game.

I was looking to start up another RPG and thanks to the stuff from Engine Publishing It might go even smoother this time.


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Nov 082012

WarHammer Fantasy RPG: The Enemy Within

Release Date: Nov 2012

$ 59.95

Who is the man in the black hood? Explore classic themes of corruption and betrayal in The Enemy Within, a massive campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay that takes characters all the way from their first sessions to the pinnacles of legend. A sinister figure stands poised to thrust the Old World into chaos, but fate has chosen an unlikely band of heroes to oppose him. Can you solve this mystery before it’s too late?

I know everyone of you have came up with a cool background for your favorite champion in your fantasy Warhammer Fantasy armies now is your chance to see if you can live up to you dream thanks to Fantasy Flight Games see how you do at making it all come true.

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Sep 212012

The Pathfinder Bestiary is full of 300 creatures for you to throw at your party. Why not watch as Matt busts open this Bestiary Box from Paizo.  The box contains all kinds of beasts like Angels, Goblins, Drow, Driders, Gelatinous Cube, Demons, Dragons and much more.  It can easily be used in any fantasy setting.  By the way, if anyone doesn’t want their Goblins, I need 2,000 of them!

Thanks for watching.

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Sep 082012

Steam Pulp Fantasy

$ 29.99 SRP



Wolsung: Steam Pulp Fantasy is a roleplaying game of cinematic action set in the daring times of the Magical-Industrial Revolution. Welcome to the Fantastic 19th Century! Under the sky crowded with airships, steam-powered cars race the streets. The marriage of magic and science gave birth to mechanical golems, cabalistic thinking machines and fearsome iron dragons. Yet most of the world is still unexplored – who knows what treasures and mysteries await deep in the jungles and high on the mountain tops. In the dark corners of the earth the undead lurk (a terrible reminder of the Great War) while villains and evil masterminds plot their deranged plans. These daring times demand extraordinary heroes. And sometimes ‘extraordinary’ is just not enough! Wolsung runs on an easy-to-learn set of rules designed to simulate the thrills of action movies, comic books and video games straight onto your gaming table.

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