Jun 152016

Origins 2016: Ares Games to preview Warriors of Middle-earth, Last Friday, Behind the Throne and Dungeon Time

New releases as the new series of WW2 Wings of Glory Airplane Packs and the Age of Conan expansion, Adventures in Hyboria, will be available for sale at Ares’ booth


Ares Games will attend Origins Game Fair 2016 (Booth #333, June 15-19, Columbus, Ohio) with four upcoming games to be presented to the public for the first time at this show – Warriors of Middle-earth, Last Friday, Behind the Throne and Dungeon Time – along with new products for sale, including the series six of WW2 Wings of Glory Airplane Packs and Adventures in Hyboria, the expansion for Age of Conan Strategy Board Game.

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May 212015

dresdenThe Dresden Files: Volume 3: The Paranet Papers (Hardcover)



In Jim Butcher’s bestselling Dresden Files books, the forces of good bond together into an organization called the Paranet in a desperate attempt to turn the tides of their equally desperate war against big baddies like the Fomor and the Denarians. Now you can bring the Paranet to your Dresden Files RPG game with the Paranet Papers supplement. Travel to exotic locations like Las Vegas and South America to fight evil. Team up with characters from Turn Coat and Changes to fight evil. Join up with other Paranetters to…well, you get the picture.

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May 202015

Ares Games to preview new Galaxy Defenders expansions, Jolly Roger, and Odyssey at Origins 2015


The new products, releasing this summer, will be introduced to the public at the show, together with the Wings of Glory, Sails of Glory, War of the Ring, Euro, and Family game lines

jolly rogerAres Games will attend Origins Game Fair 2015 (Booth #703, June 3-7, Columbus, Ohio) and several of the upcoming games will be introduced to the public for the first time at this show. Visitors at Ares’ booth will be able to have a first encounter with the upcoming Galaxy Defenders expansions Operation Strikeback! and Extinction Protocol (releasing in July); demo previews of Jolly Roger and Odyssey – Wrath of Poseidon, two new games to be released this Summer, are also scheduled.

At the Ares Games’ booth, attendees will also find the Origins Awards finalists The Battle of Five Armies (nominated in the “Best Board Game” category), Sails of Glory (in Best Historical Rules and Best Historical Miniatures), as well as all the other games from the ever-expanding Ares Games catalog.

extinctThe latest releases in WW1 Wings of Glory line (the Airplane Packs featuring the fighters Fokker E.V, Nieuport Ni.28, Macchi M.5 and Hannover CL.IIIa) and the Sails of Glory Special Ship Packs with the iconic ships HMS Victory and USS Constitution will be available for sale, and “show specials” are planned to welcome the visitors.

In addition to the activities at the Ares’ booth, 23 events dedicated to Wings of Glory and Sails of Glory will be hosted by Buckeye Gamers in Flight, Wings of Glory Aerodrome, and Sails of Glory Anchorage. Prizes and freebies will be offered by Ares Games, Aerodrome Accessories, BGIF, and The Soldiery. The events have limited seating and some are already sold out, so players who want to take part in these activities should register soon at the Origins Game Fair events page. For more details click here.


Upcoming new games

oddysseyThe new games to be previewed at Origins 2005 include the new expansions for Galaxy Defenders, the first Ares’ card game, Jolly Roger, and a new title in the Euro game line, Odyssey – Wrath of Poseidon.

The upcoming Galaxy Defenders expansions, arriving in July, are set after Agents have won the battle on Earth. In Operation Strikeback, the Agency launches a strike against the Invaders’ base on the Moon, with the help of new, genetically modified agents to face new the alien menace.  In Extinction Protocol, it’s time for the final assault on the Alien home planet, with Agents equipped with a new generation of weapons and wearing awesome Power Armor to fight  the deadly perils and the worst enemy they have ever faced.

Jolly Roger – The game of Piracy & Mutiny is a card game of pillage, plunder, and mutinies. Fun, rowdy, fast, and easy to learn, the game can be played with 4 to 10 players. Players are the crew of a pirate ship, ready to do anything to collect the highest amount of gold and become the richest pirate in Tortuga!

Odyssey – Wrath of Poseidon is a deduction game for two to five players. The war is over, and the Greek ships are trying to sail back to their homeland after a long absence. They need to reach the Sacred Island to make offerings and prayers to the gods, but the irascible Poseidon will use all his powers to prevent them from getting there.

Jolly Roger and Odyssey are due out at GenCon 2015.

For more information about the games, visit Ares Games website – www.aresgames.eu. At Origins Game Fair, visit Ares Games at booth 703.


About Ares Games

Ares Games is an Italian board game publisher established in 2011 to create quality hobby products for the international audience. Ares Games is the publisher of the award-winning “War of the Ring” board game, “Wings of Glory” range of airplane combat games and miniatures recreating aerial warfare in WW1 and WW2, and more recently, the tactical ship-to-ship miniature game “Sails of Glory,” and the cooperative tactical Sci-Fi miniatures game “Galaxy Defenders.” The Ares Games’ catalog also includes Family Games and Euro Games. For further information, visit the website www.aresgames.eu and the Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/AresGames.


May 182015

Announcing the Titans’ Introduction to Game Design Seminar

Titans of Gaming team up to offer five-hour seminar to Titan Series backers
Redmond, WA-May 15, 2015. Calliope Games announced a new benefit to backers of their Titan Series Kickstarter. All backers at the Titan and Mt. Olympus levels will now be invited to attend an online seminar introducing them to the basics of game design.

In addition to their impressive design credentials, Titan Series designers Rob Daviau, James Ernest, Mike Elliot, Mike Mulvihill, and Jordan Weisman all have teaching experience at universities and learning institutions across the US. Each will share their knowledge and experience in one-hour segments for a total of five hours of content available exclusively to Titan Series backers.

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Feb 172015

Warmachine: Khador: Kossite Woodsmen Unit (10)

$54.99 SRP


It is the law of Khador that all citizens must serve in the military, and the Kossite clans of the far north are no exception. Despite their motley appearance and simple weapons, the Kossite woodsmen are fierce warriors. They wait in ambush with the patience and instincts of a hunter, and strike at the perfect moment to kill key assets or crumble the enemy’s flank.


The Kossite Woodsman unit comes in a box (PIP 33110). A player may field up to two Kossite Woodsman units for each warcaster in a Khador army.


SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 33110 contains the same Mk II stat card as PIP 33030. The models in this box represent the same figures in the game. PIP 33110 replaces PIP 33030 and PIP 33031 by offering their contents in a complete unit.



1 Leader

9 Grunts

1 color stat card


Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.


Aug 112014

In this Box breaking Matt looks at Dementalism, a wacky game of memory. Dementalism is the game child of Andy Hopp and Off the Cob Productions. Featuring the art of Andy Hopp.  Andy is also the manstermind behind Low Life and half a dozen other games.


Leare more here Dementalism.

Thank you Music Alley.

Another TV Dinner performed by Aardvark

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Nov 032011

Con on the Cob Interview With Andy Hopp


In this interview we talk a a lot about the origin of Con on the Cob. While we are doing this Andy’s daughter, Aurora,  hijacks the interview once, or twice.  The  very first question tells us who Andy is and how straight his priorities are.


Here is what we cover in the interview

  • Andy Hopp origins
  • The history of Con on the Cob
  • Plans for next year
  • Games and stories Andy has written
  • What it is like to run a con

So here you go the Interview.  The music is by Aurora Hopp (age 3)

Coblin Player

I believe that about covers it all.  Even though I believe Andy and I could have talked forever.


Thanks for listening, and thanks for being at the con if you were there.

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Nov 012011

 Con on the Cob Interview with Destini Beard

Hudson Ohio 2011


Well, this is our interview with Destini Beard, a young singer who could only have been gifted such a talented voice.

This is what we will cover in the audo file.

  • Brief Bio and history
  • How she found singing.
  • Where you can find her on the web.
  • What is it like to specialize in gaming music.
  • Her favorite – Phantom of the Opera
  • She travels alot
  • What games she plays.  Little known to herself she has hints in the interview that she is a gm.
  • Careers and her goals
  • Plug to Con on the Cob
  • She explains voice overs in less than 100 words.
  • How she has influenced the industry.
  • Music By Destini Beard.


Coblin Player


You can find Destini facebook here

This is Destini’s YouTube channel

This is Destini’s web page.



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Oct 222011

Sandra Garity Sculpting Guest of Honor


Sandra Covers these points very well

Her favorite work


  • Brief history of work
  • Visits to Lucas Ranch
  • Working with toys
  • Basic tools for the trade
  • Answers the question “What mini’s should look like?”
  • Talks about working on Dragons
  • Pretty complete work history
  • Favorite mini
  • some how’s and why’s- brass sheeting, compression, and gauging your scale
  • Origins 2012




Coblin Player

She would like to hear from her Fans.  She can be found on facebook.

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