Oct 212011

Part 2 Con on the Cob Interviews Don Goddard

A Sculptor Breaking in the Mold


Don’s Interview will pretty much cover these points.

  • Brief history
  • How he started.
  • Short bit on some of the putties used in the industry.
  • Black Orc Games – Resume tool.
  • Where to start if you want to sculpt.
  • Where and how to find books on the  topic .
  • Where you can find his work.
  • Toys for Tots – Charity works and the possible future.
  • What he might do different if he had to start over.
  • Why artists names are starting to turn up with their work.
  • His approach to approaching the industry.
  • Answer to easy money in the industry – ethics involved on your part.
  • Historicon

Coblin Player

Don can be found on facebook.

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