Apr 032014

strIn part 4 of the Southern Task Force series Matt  Takes a look at the Recon Cadre and infantry for Heavy Gear Blitz.  this kit contains 4 Iguanas, a Black Mamba and various upgrades.  Heavy Gear Blitz is Produced by Dream Pod 9

You can learn more at Dream Pod 9.

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Apr 022014


In this Box Breaking Matt takes a good look at the Strike Cadre for the South.  It is part three of his look at the Southern Task Force army deal.  This kit Contains 3 Black Mambas and 2 Jagers plus upgrades.   So watch as he shows you all the pieces parts.

You can learn more at Dream Pod 9.

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Mar 312014

In this Box Breaking Matt starts his journey into the Southern Terra Nova. He begins in part one of four by taking a look at the GP squad in the Southern Task Force deal.     You can learn more about Heavy Gear Blitz at Dream Pod 9. Thank You Music Alley for pod safe music

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Oct 232013

In this episode of Figure Forge Matt assembles all four gears for Dream Pod 9′s new game Badlands Rally.   These models go together so easy it isn’t funny.  Dream Pod really out did themselves with this set of models.  They maintained a high level of quality and kept the models approachable for new modelers. I think my personal favorite is the Jerboa.

Thanks for watching.  We hope to have more Heavy Gear coverage in the near future.

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Oct 022013

In this Box Breaking Matt busts oen Badlands Rally from Dream Pod 9 for Heavy Gear.   Watch as he explores the variant models used for this miniature board game.



Check back next week to see how easy the box goes together in Figure Forge.

You can learn more about Badlands Rally and Heavy Gear at Dream Pod 9.


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Aug 042013

In this Figure Forge Matt assembles the Limited Edition Black Mamba from Dream Pod 9 for Heavy Gear.  The Black Mamba was the Limited edition figure at Gen Con 2012.  It can also be purchased online with the South super bundle


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Jul 182013

- logo HGBIn this Box breaking Matt tears open the main battle tank for the South.  Then he assembles it.  Make sure you assemble yours after the video – Matt noticed some things that could have made his life easier.  All in all the Visigoth will be a fine edition to your build.



You can learn more about Heavy Gear at Dream Pod 9.

For those of you going to Con on the Cob in the fall we will be running intro games att the con.

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Jun 122013

DP9-LogoB&WsmallMatt takes a look at the Forge in Fire Southern Field Guide from Dream Pod 9 for Heavy Gear.  He shows you why the new field guides are huge improvement.  The field guide features history, vehicle compendium, data cards, army building, and league rules.

If you wish to learn  more about Heavy Gear feel free to visit Dream Pod 9.


You can get the PDF at Drivethru RPG


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Jun 082013

Well Heavy Gear fans I’ve finally managed to sit down and give Forged in Fire its fair time needed for a review.I don’t

A 1:144 scale HACS-02HG-MPS Grizzly, from Drea...

A 1:144 scale HACS-02HG-MPS Grizzly, from Dream Pod 9′s tabletop miniatures wargame Heavy Gear Blitz! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

want to spoil anything for you so I won’t delve into the fluff. I will say there is plenty of it. If you are a Southern player you might just want to pick this book up for that alone. Instead I would like to talk about the features that the field guide has to offer you as a player. These features make the book a bit more of a tool for you.

The first is the vehicle compendium. It follows the same basic format of the vehicle compendium used in Perfect Storm, giving you a blueprint style picture of each gear and vehicle, and the variants of those models. Each model has two documents associated with it. The first is a development history. The second is an operations history. It wasn’t really necessary for them to do that, but it really puts the the compendium over the top. You also get little blue prints of each variant with the load right next to it. The vehicle compendium from Perfect Storm was a huge asset to me when building my forces the first few times.

Combat groups follow the same basic template that is laid out in Perfect Storm, which is to pick a threat value, followed by priority level, and then a regiment. Regiments limit the combat group availability. They are linked in the margins of the book. For example, a General Purpose Squad can be considered for an infantry regiment, a gear regiment, or an armor regiment. Regiment types will always offer you a benefit that comes with an imposing restriction. An infantry regiment can’t be played at Priority Level 4 and you must take at least two more infantry platoons. In return you gain a bonus veteran slot that can be used.

The nitty gritty defining your Southern force seems to take place when you select a league or a cadre. They are an upgrade that provides your army with unique options available only to your choice. Of course there are always the generics. In the case of the South they are called hemisphere wide options. One of the options is “Gear Carriers”, which basically allows certain combat groups to take Baranbys for 35 threat value.

There are at least half a dozen leagues that are more specific. These often define your force even more. The Southern Republic Army or S.R.A. has a great deal of focus to it. This league provides the player with amphibious troops, combined operations, humanist prejudice, political officer, and republican cadres. Each of these brings special benefits to your game table.

The Republican Cadre is a special branch of the S.R.A. using the best equipment in the southern hemisphere. This allows you to swap a G.P. Squad, Veteran Strider, or a Veteran black ops cadre for a Republican cadre of the same association. When you swap a squad the upgrade mus still meet the basic requirements. A Republican Cadre G.P Squad must still fill the requirements of a normal G.P. Squad . I think one of my favorite options is upgrading no more than two standard Sidewinders to the Riotmaster load out for free 0 T.V. The Riotmaster variant uses a Fragmentation Cannon.  The Fragmentation Cannon boasts a rate of fire 2 along with the traits  melee, anti infantry and reload.  It does have a shorter range as a result.

One last piece of information, the final part of the book contains the battle for Port Oasis. Not only is it a detailed account of the history, but it is also a scenario you can play. It contains a complete list of the forces involved for you to reenact the battle.

Forged in Fire is a complete historic guide to your army if you are a Southern player. It offers you a complete vehicle compendium. By giving you a more detailed army building guide, you truly get the feeling you have become a Southerner. If you aren’t a Southern player it is a valuable tool for you to understand the enemy.

PDF on DrivethruRPG

If you want to learn more about Heavy Gear visit Dream Pod 9.

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May 212013

About a year ago Stompy Bot Productions began developing Heavy Gear Assault.  They managed to keep a lot of the details secret, but just about everyone realized the game was going to be influenced by Heavy Gear Arena.  I have been waiting a long while to find out about all the details.  I’m happy to let you know about their  Kickstarter.

You can also join John Ngyuen on Through Gamer Goggles News Tuesday night 9:00 P.M. E.S.T. at indienation.fm.

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