The Final Hours for Heavy Gear Kickstarter

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Nov 202014

Heavy Gear – War for Terra Nova Plastic Miniatures Kickstarter – Updated

We are now in the final 2 days of the Heavy Gear Blitz – War for Terra Nova Kickstarter, which ends this Saturday afternoon, November 22nd at 2:04 PM EST.


We want to thank all our Backers, old and new, for their support. We started the project with a modest goal of $27,000 CAD to pay for the very expensive molds needed to make a Basic Starter Set of 16 plastic miniatures. Now 27 days into the project we have unlocked 14 main stretch goals and numerous mini-stretch goals and are at over $112,000 CAD Pledged.

 Heavy Gear Blitz Kickstarter Core Starter Set Contents Image Updated with Stretch Goal 14 Unlocked 47 minis

We now have an amazing Backer Reward Core Starter Set which includes 47 plastic miniatures, color quick start rulebook, backer patch, plus a lot of free downloads. The true retail value of all the individual miniatures included in the Core Starter Set is over $300. You get it all for a Pledge of $115 CAD (about $100 USD) plus shipping of $15 for US and Canadian Backers and actual shipping cost for International Backers. That`s a cost of less than $2.50 per miniature compared to our pewter miniatures cost of $8 or more each.

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Figure Forge Post Human Republic Starter

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Oct 292014

In this Figure Forge Matt Assembles the Post Human Republic starter for Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames.  The Post Human Republic turned it’s back on humanity long ago and is no longer recognizable as humans, but they are clearly cyborgs.





Once they are painted we will start playing some DZC.

Aug 122014

Heavy Gear Blitz - Tabletop Wargaming - Beta Rules Cover Small WebWell it’s the last day til Gen Con. It is going to be an amazing show. If you’re a Heavy Gear fan or interested in Heavy Gear I have one more thing to say.  Today August 12th I will bring you a handful of videos on Heavy Gear including a Flip Through (4:00P.M. E.S.T.D. on YouTube) of the New Heavy Gear Blitz Beta Rules for Tabletop Wargaming. The Heavy Gear Blitz Beta Rules are the most anticipated event of the show for me.

Heavy Gear is a combined arms game that is set in the future, where humans pilot armored battle suits into battle. The settlers of Terra Nova have been cut off from earth and they struggle for political power. This often creates hostile actions that can lead to war.


The planet of Terra Nova isn’t too different from our Earth. It has jungles, forests, mountains, lakes, and a vast desert that runs through the center of planet that separates the north from the south.

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Mega Hobby Set limited edition from Army Painter

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Nov 222013

Mega Hobby Set limited edition

$99.99 SRP

mega hobby


This exceptional Wargaming Hobby set is unparalleled value and includes everything needed to complete any miniatures army project!



-Hobby knife                                        -Pointed safety grip file

-Precision tweezers                              -Hobby side cutter

-Pin vice & five drill bits                     -12gm plastic glue

-7gmsuper glue                                     -A4 self-healing cutting mat

-Green Stuff                                          -Sculpting tool

-150ml matte black color primer      -3x hobby brushes              

-11x Warpaints                                    -50mL Battlefield basing glue          

-Swamp tuft                                         -Brown battleground base

-Snow scatter                                        -Battlefield rocks

-Static field grass


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BattleTech: Alpha Strike

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Aug 142013

BattleTech Alpha StrikeBattleTech: Alpha Strike

$44.99 SRP



Play BattleTech in a true “tabletop miniatures” style and speed, while still feeling like you’re playing BattleTech with this stand-alone rulebook,  BattleTech: Alpha Strike!


Alpha Strike is a tactical-level rules expansion for the BattleTech universe specifically tailored for the miniatures wargamer. Presenting the Quick-Strike rules first introduced in Strategic Operations, refined and compiled for standalone use, this book will let players experience of BattleTech campaigns using a dynamic, fast-playing approach ideal for larger-scale battles and scenarios.


This book includes basic instructions, setup, campaign play, abstract aerospace systems, era settings and so much more!


(cover art not finalized)

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Oct 112011
A 1:144 scale HACS-02HG-MPS Grizzly, from Drea...

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Welcome to the Heavy Gear Universe

Whether you are an experienced gamer or you are looking to get started, Heavy Gear is a war-gamer’s dream. It’s set in a universe where the best of the best do battle in big stompy robots. Dream Pod 9 has put together a fantastic collection of miniatures representing all aspects of combined arms warfare centered on “Gears”.  Gears are 15-18 foot tall robots. They are armored and agile carrying tank-like firepower including rockets, auto cannons, lasers and even rail guns. They are capable of inflicting major damage at range while performing martial arts style hand to hand combat.

The setting combines tabletop miniatures with RPG style background. The story takes place on the planet Terra Nova, one of several Earth colony planets. Terra Nova’s poles are temperate but separated by a wide equatorial desert called the Badlands. The North and South wage war across the Badlands while the inhabitants of the Badlands fight for survival and to hold on to their small pieces of inhospitable terrain.

To complicate things further, the forces of Earth have re-appeared to reclaim their colony. The CEF (Colonial Expeditionary Force) is Earth’s strong arm bent on reclamation of the colony planet and all of their resources. There might consists of hover tanks and genetically engineers soldiers called GRELs. After an earlier, failed attempt on Terra Nova, the CEF has set their collective mind and come back with a vengeance.

The combat system for Heavy Gear, which we will discuss in much more detail later, is simple and easy to learn. It is based on opposed rolls (2d6) with simple modifiers. Damage is determined by margin of success and weapon based multipliers. It is an elegant system where every attack counts. Even the lightest attack has the ability to be lethal, giving the exciting feel of real combat.

In addition to the rich storyline, great miniatures, fantastically attractive and well formatted rulebooks, one of the biggest appeals offered by Heavy Gear is the relatively low buy in. A two player starter containing the core rulebook, field guide, dice, a tape measure and 6 gears weighs in at $67. The starter contains everything needed to play Heavy Gear while leaving endless options to expand the game to fit your wants and needs. An out-of-the-box video review of the starter will follow shortly in addition to book reviews, background articles and battle reports.

Keep an eye out for the first battle report where I will be teaching my16 year old son to play and will be sure to include his thoughts on learning the game as well as the diversity of the system.

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