Jun 082015

In this interview with Simon Edwards from Hawk Wargames we talk about the new infantry and there yet to be named Spaceship game.  If you would like to take part in naming that game hop on over to their forums.

I have been a fan of their models for a long time now – Coming this Summer DZC games at Through Gamer Goggles

Feb 102015

In this Figure Forge Matt Tackles the Ferrum Drone Carrier.  Way back at Origins he was challenged to make this model in under thirty minutes.

I look forward to fielding this in the upcoming months.  Well, I should say I look forward to blowing it up since I believe this is my son’s army choice.

Oct 292014

In this Figure Forge Matt Assembles the Post Human Republic starter for Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames.  The Post Human Republic turned it’s back on humanity long ago and is no longer recognizable as humans, but they are clearly cyborgs.





Once they are painted we will start playing some DZC.

Oct 222014

In this Figure Forge Matt Puts together the Shaltari Starter.   The Shaltari are a highly advanced and sophisticated race that understands the flow of time better than any other.  This is one of the cooler looking factions.

It won’t be long before these are painted up and on the table.

Sep 022014

Matt takes a look at the new starter box the Resistance for Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames.  The models in this kit are resin and beautiful sculpts.




I do believe this is my favorite looking faction.  This starter set will be out soon.  Check back next week to see the Post Human Republic and the Shaltari.

Feb 122014

IMG1_Box1_1024x1024In this Figure Forge Matt assembles one sprue of the Scourge faction from the Dropzone Commander 2 player starter.  Dropzone Commander is produced by Hawk Wargames.

You can learn more about Dropzone Commander at Hawk Wargames.

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