May 012011
 May 1, 2011
Aug 232017

At Gen Con 50 Laura Hoffman and I talk about Game On Tabletop and how it is different from other crowdfunding platforms.  One of those differences is it’s by gamers! Some of the others include fulfillment and marketing assistance.

I do believe I will be using Game on for my first game later this year, or early 2018.

Aug 232017

Paolo Parente went around the Dust 1947 tournament table. He could have started anywhere, but he started with this guy.  The sound is almost non existent/muffles but the picture is clear.  Paolo thank you for loving your players.

I am fortunate enough to walk away from Gen Con every year with one true gem, I think this is this years!

Aug 232017

I caught up with Randall Bills at Gen Con 50 and Wow did we talk about a lot of stuff. Aside from the cool stuff for Dragonfire, We discussed Zero Day, Master of Orion, CBT, Crossfire,  new plastics, and The Duke – Lords of Legacy

There is a lot of good information in here.  Time to bust open Dragonfire! Check back Saturday for the Box Breaking!

Aug 232017

I caught up with Erik Bauer of Gaming Paper at Gen Con  50.  We talked about paper and the the future of Mega dungeon and the potential for Starfinder.

Any one else looking forward to the vinyl mats?

Aug 232017

I sat down with Bryan Pope of Arcane Wonders at Gen Con 50 and we take a look at Sheriff of Nottingham merry men, Academies warlord, and viral. Plus we talk about some upcoming Mage Wars Products.

The monk will most likely be my favorite mage.