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Feb 102012

In this Complete Package Ryan  opens and assembles Far Eye of the Aurlok Nation in the Alkemy skirmish game.



Thanks for watching – hope it was an eye opener.    Come back soon for more videos.  If you have questions or comments just ask we will do our best to get the right answer.  If you have questions about Alkemy visit Studio 38.

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Feb 062012

In this Complete Package Ryan opens and assembles Alkemy’s Aurlok Rain Dancers.  It is his first ever complete package.  We open and assemble the models in the same video.  Yes Alkemy models go together that easy.



Thanks for watching come back soon to see our first Alkemy off the Palette.  Where Matt paints Deacon Leodegarius.

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Feb 062012

In this Inside Look Matt opensand assembles Alkemy’s Guardian of the Snow for the Khaliman Republic.



The Akkemy figs boast easy assembly.  I hope they paint just as easy.


You can view the new Studio 38 minis at Studio 38

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Feb 042012

The inside look is our combined figure forge and box breaking on a package.  In this episode We open and assemble Alkemy’s Xian Ling from the Empire of the Jade Triad.



Thank you from watching.

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