Flip Through Coalition Wars The Siege on Tolkeen

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Aug 112017

In this Flip Through Matt takes a look at the first book of the Coalition Wars Campaign The Seige on Tolkeen for Rifts from Palladium Books.  this starts the story of Tech VS. Magic in the Rifts universe – well I mean makes truly volatile.

Currently running a campaign that is leading up this part of Rifts history.

Flip Through Rifts Ultimate Edition

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Jun 152017

In this Flip Through Matt Takes a look at Rifts Ultimate Edition.  He chats about everything from art, to new rules, and the layout of the book.


I realize that this book has been out some time now, but I felt this could be beneficial for newer players.

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Aug 152016

At Gen Gen Con Kevin and I chatted about Robotech Tactics, Rifts and  all things Palladium.  Kevin answers some good questions in here that are from Ben Parker, Jorel Levenson, Marnie Jefferson, Matt Trotta, Graham Bailey,  Oscar Mardones Schopflin, and Dave Knighthawk. Thanks guys.

It’s always a good talk when I get to sit down with Kevin.  I managed to ease drop a bit and while I can’t tell you what I heard I can affirm the plans for Robotech Tactics and Rifts are just out of this world.


The Drake is only about 50 pieces, but it seems like two hundred.

Flip Through Coalition War Campaign

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Nov 132015

Listen to me talk about my favorite Rifts book and why it was fundamental in my gaming life.

This book has so many good things in it like the psyche profile of Emperor Prosek and the Colaition.  It has set years of gaming in motion for me.

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Nov 012015

I this episode of Role-Play Ramblings Matt Lemke shares his gaming experiences with problem players, some of them include the wallflower,  philosopher, rules lawyer and even the instigator.  This short message is for Role-players at all levels of experience, but is most beneficial for GM’s.  These tips can be applied to any game system.

If you like this please like it please give it a thumbs up on YouTube and if you know someone who would enjoy it please share.  I had a lot of fun coming up with this seasons content and I would love to continue.

Next episode (targeted for Thursday) is “Who’s Telling the Story”. Is it the GM’s Story or the players?


Special Thanks to Owen K.C. Sthephens and Ryan Hale for their extra input on this season. I also have to thank all of my backers for making this happen.  I wouldn’t have had the drive to do this without their support!

Words With Sean Fannon @Con on the Cob 2015

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Oct 222015

In this episode of Words with Sean Patrick Fannon and I talk about Savage Rifts. Sean shares with us the origins of this wonderful idea and some new mechanics.  I think Sean is especially happy with the new Juicer rules, I know I am.

This is super exciting for me.  I have been playing Rifts off and on for nearly thirty years and I love it each time.  For me this is the perfect way to explore Savage Worlds a game that I have been putting off for about 4 years now.

Stay Tuned for more info on that experience.

Aug 082015

In this interview Kevin and I talk about the new Robotech book for the space marines.  Wave 2 loose target date, and the projects on his back burner.

I’m really looking forward to the the upcoming Rifts releases.   Wave 2 looks promising,  everyone I talked to, in the industry and fans, loved the models that were on display.