Words With DGS Games @ Gen Con 2015

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Aug 062015

Tom Meiers sat down with me at Gen Con to chat about their newest releases and where they are at with playtesting the lagrer version of the game.

Look for them at Adepticon!

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From DGS Games At Gen Con to release Lioness for Freeblades

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Jul 282015
Lioness by MJThe Urdaggar Lioness is new release at GenCon.  New model for the Urdaggar faction in DGS Games Freeblades game.  Fast and lethal, watch out for her in ambush.

DGS has been focusing lately on expanding scenarios, to give our players more challenges to face.  A direct result of that effort is DGS will have a scenario pack as a free download on their website. While some of these are still in “draft form” (2 of them, Camp Raid and Advanced Guard) have been finalized. Another one of the scenarios in the pack, Trials of Garavus, will go final very soon.





KS4 Trial Stones picIn Trials, your Freebands are tasked with completing trials of Strength, Courage, and Wisdom before your opponent can. To support this scenario, we have a release of our Trial Stones. These will eventually be on sale on our website for $11.99 MSRP. While tailored to our scenario, they can easily be used as objectives or small terrain pieces for just about any game. To give you an idea of size, those are 50mm bases.

CountDown to Gen Con 2 Days Left.

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Aug 102014

With only two days left I’m super anxious, I want to give out prizes, see friends, make new ones, and play some games.  In fact I’ll be running an event that materialized from my kickstarter, a scavenger hunt. While the hunt is largely for the backers there are a couple of ways others can join. The first is to be asked by one of the backers to play. The other is for you to find me on Friday and mention this article, I have three slots that I can award out.

All players will receive a set of cards that have instructions on the back. Most of these involve exploring the exhibit hall to play a game demo at particular booth. Since it’s a scavenger hunt there are a few quests like find your favorite cosplay and get a picture with them.

When the exhibit hall closes all players will meet near the stage for a drawing. I have a quite a few prizes to give away like Mage Wars core set, A looney labs bundle, The Amega Weapon, and more.

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Help Unleash the Kuzaarik for Freeblades by DGS Games

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Jun 072014

About two years ago I had the opportunity to sit down with Tom Meier at Origins Game Fair.  In that interview I had my first chance to take a look at the game Freeblades.  You can learn just about everything you need to know about the company and the game in this video.  The most important and appealing information for me is the fact that their system has the same rules base from role playing to skirmish to a large scale squad based game.

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Jun 082012

In this video John demonstrates the Game Mechanics used in Freeblades. He specifically touches on casting a spell, ranged combat, and close combat.  Freeblades is a fantasy based skirmish game that uses a variety of dice in its system.  The models use dice based on their “caste”.  For example a minion/henchman uses a d4 while heroes use a d12.  I am pretty much sold on the system.


The Freeblades miniature line is not one that is intimidating either.  It has a lot of appeal to the experienced and the inexperienced painter.

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Jun 062012

Tom Meier is the CEO of DGS Games. DGS games has been making Freeblades miniatures for sometime now. What a lot of people didn’t know is that they have been play testing rules for their Freeblades miniature line. Join us while Tom talks a liittle bit about that process. By the way the rules are now available from dgsgames.com

I look forward to seeing many good things from this company.   We have one more video coming from the DGS crew, it is about Freeblades game play


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