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Aug 102014

With only two days left I’m super anxious, I want to give out prizes, see friends, make new ones, and play some games.  In fact I’ll be running an event that materialized from my kickstarter, a scavenger hunt. While the hunt is largely for the backers there are a couple of ways others can join. The first is to be asked by one of the backers to play. The other is for you to find me on Friday and mention this article, I have three slots that I can award out.

All players will receive a set of cards that have instructions on the back. Most of these involve exploring the exhibit hall to play a game demo at particular booth. Since it’s a scavenger hunt there are a few quests like find your favorite cosplay and get a picture with them.

When the exhibit hall closes all players will meet near the stage for a drawing. I have a quite a few prizes to give away like Mage Wars core set, A looney labs bundle, The Amega Weapon, and more.


I just Learned that DGS Games will be releasing a mini at Gen Con.

From DGS Games ”

                     We are releasing the Thief figure from the Black Thorn faction.  This figure completes the Black Thorn starter set.  Of note this figure comes with two arm choices – one is a large jewel and the other is a bag of loot.
Our sculptor, Chris Jackson, did an outstanding job of capturing everything in this sculpt. We as a company are getting better/experienced at more detailed sketch art we provide the sculptors, all of those extras come from the art, to include the lock picks tucked into the leg straps, and the decision to include an alternate left arm holding a bag of loot”
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