Aug 102014

With only three days left I have way too much to do. The excitement is building.


Today I’d like to focus on RPG’s that I’m looking forward to; Numenera and Mindjamer.


The internet has been buzzing about Monte Cook’s Numenera well since before the kickstarter. The world he has created must truly be phenomenal. It features an amazing setting, where a future earth is a playground of past technology. The humans use these artifacts to achieve all kinds of weird.  Numenera uses a fast play character system that allows players to enter the story more quickly than other games.




Mindjamer is another Science fiction RPG  that looks more than promising. Set in the far future this game uses the Fate Core System. Like Numenera it is a story focused game. But since it is a complet rules set it does include some really cool rules sets, like starship construction.


If you’re a science fiction role player looking for a new experiences these two worlds should fill your cup.


Tomorrow I might rest, but I look forward to writing you again.

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