Aug 042013

In this Figure Forge Matt assembles the Limited Edition Black Mamba from Dream Pod 9 for Heavy Gear.  The Black Mamba was the Limited edition figure at Gen Con 2012.  It can also be purchased online with the South super bundle


Music Black Black Hole
Performed by Three Minute Pop Songs
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Sep 112012

Join us as we talk with Ronnie from Mantic Games about the new Kings of War Rule Book, Dread Ball and the amazing Kick Starter, Warpath and the tournament scene.




Thanks for watching and thank you Ronnie for taking time out of your busy schedule.



Aug 302012

Join us as Matt entertains us with information on Traveller, Star Trek (Tholian Web), Judge Dredd’s Prowler Tank, Historical line coming soon, and what is Ratzenkriege?





I look forward to hearing from Matt soon about that Prowler Tank.   Please follow us the links are on the Right hand side of the screen.

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Aug 282012

In this Box Breaking Matt opens up a Drake for Heavy Gear.   This model was made available at Gen Con 2012 in a limited quantity.  This model has a lot of options to it.  It is going to be a challenge for me to put together.

Music Black Black Hole performed by 3 minute Pop Songs.

You can learn more about Heavy Gear here.

Thank You Music alley for providing pod safe music.

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Aug 282012

In this Box Breaking Matt busts Giant Man out of his prison. This box breaking is a little longer than most because we take a look at the dials.



Thanks for watching.  Let us know if you think we could have done something different.  The height of the figure in relation to the dial was a bit of a challenge.

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Aug 272012

We had a chance to visit with Shelly at  the Wizards of the Coast booth.  She has a lot of information for us about the Rise of the Under Dark.  We even talk about Joe.

Shelly shares a lot of information with us, while having a good time.


The Rise of the Underdark is going to be a great gaming experience.  It really suits players that like to force others out of their comfort zone.

One of the cooler things about this series is that he source book is presented so it can be used in all five editions of the game.  IF that is the future of 5th ed Wizards is moving in the right direction.

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Aug 272012

While at Gen Con 2012 we visited with the WizKids  crew.  They were happy to pull out the Batman figs for us (and others around).  I like where the game seems to be going and with all of the super hero RPG’s. This set is going to be a great addition to the scene. Batman No Man’s Land is scheduled for a November release.

Let’s take a look at some of these guys.

Oh my!  It’s E.T.  I was shocked to see these guys.  I really don’t know more than what you see, but they are cool.

More pictures…

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Aug 262012

We had the chance to talk with Lyle from Privateer Press about Level 7, and the Gargantuans.  Level 7 has some interesting twist as a semi-cooperative board game.   And he answered all of my questions about Gargantuans.





It is going to be interesting to watch the level 7 IP unfold.

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Aug 252012

Brian Talks with Through Gamer Goggles about the Tournament scene, Game Background, Intellectual property, and future products.  It was a good talk.  I am most excited about the direction of competitive play.   I really can’t wait to see the RPG either



If you are excited about MERCS you can visit them here.

Thank you for watching if you want to follow us our social media links are on the right hand side of the screen.

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Aug 242012

Sunday at Gen Con we had the chance to speak to the guys from Arcane Wonders about Mage Wars.  They  share their Gen Con experience and give us a little info about the first expansion.



You can learn more about Mage Wars here.

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