Words With Bryan Pope @ Origins 2016

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Jun 202016

At Origins 2016 I had a chance to catch up with my good friend Bryan Poe from Arcane Wonders.  We talked about Mage Wars Paladin and Siren.  Bryan may have leaked a few other things as well.

I do believe if you listen closely a couple of allusions can be heard.

DC Comics Dice Masters: War of Light – Available Now in North American Game Shops

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Sep 192015

DC Comics Dice Masters: War of Light – Available Now in North American Game Shops

Hillside, NJ — September 16, 2015 – WizKids is pleased to announce the availability of DC Comics Dice Masters: War of Light, the galaxy-spanning edition of the popular Dice Masters tabletop dice-battling game. In the War of Light Dice Masters set, players can collect and battle with more than 30 heroes and villains, both old and new! This Dice Masters release includes fan-favorite characters such as Batman, Green Lantern, Sinestro, the Teen Titans, and the Lantern Corps.  Players can also expand their DC Comics Dice Masters: War of Light collection with the new themed playmat, team box, collector’s box and foil packs, each sold separately.

The DC Dice Masters: War of Light Starter Set ($19.99 USD) includes:
?        44 Custom Dice
?        38 Cards
?        2 Full Color Dice Bags
?        Complete Dice Masters Core Rulebook
?        Fully compatible with other Dice Masters products

Package contents
For additional information and images, please visit: http://wizkids.com/dicemasters/dc-comics-dice-masters-war-of-light/

Batman Fluxx from Looney Labs

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Jul 242015

batmanBatman Fluxx



There’s a new dynamic duo in town!  Looney Labs and Cryptozoic have teamed up to bring you a heroic new card game in the Fluxx line: Batman Fluxx.  It’s action-packed with classic villains against Batman and his friends, not to mention all the other must-have bat-gear you’d expect from a melding of these two hobby favorites.


It’s game night in Gotham, and everyone’s favorite caped crusader is on the job. Crime is running amok and no one can win with villains on the table – so put on your utility belts and leap into the fray to help Batman and his friends clean things up!


Draw one and play one is just the beginning…Batman Fluxx has something for every bat fan!


2-6 players

Ages 8+

5-30 minute play time

Countdown to Gen Con T-7 and Counting Telestrations After Dark

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Jul 222015

I’m actually pretty excited about this game, here is the manufacturer description.


Our favorite party game is all grown up. Telestrations After Dark is the adults only version of the #1 LOL party game Telestrations. Draw what you see then guess what you saw for hilarious, weird, irresponsible and just plain wrong outcomes. Telestrations After Dark is “adults only” miscommunication at its best!

Ages 17+ | 4-8 Players | MSRP: $29.95


With that said I’ve been playing Telestrations pretty much since it’s conception.  I can only imagine what an adult version means.  I’m sure it’s done with great taste and style.  I find this to be one of the most intriguing releases of the year.  I only hope that as a reinvented game it doesn’t stray from it’s origin too much!

From AEG Love Letter: Batman

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Feb 092015

batLove Letter: Batman (Clamshell)


Take Back the Streets of Gotham City!


The most notorious villains in Gotham City have escaped Arkham Asylum and it’s up to the Dark Knight to round them up and return them to their padded cells.


Batman comes together with the award-winning Love Letter to bring a new style of play to this hit game. Featuring new rules that puts you in the cowl of the Dark Knight, you’ll fight to capture the most dangerous criminals in Gotham City! Featuring quick play and easy to learn rules, Love Letter: Batman will be a hit for any Bat-Fan!


2-4 players

Ages 10+

20 minute play time

DC Comics Deck-Building Game From Cryptozoic Enterainment

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Nov 202012

DC Comics Deck-Building Game

Release Date: Nov 2012

$ 40.00

Play as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern, or Cyborg. The Justice League of America is ready for action! Each Super Hero has a unique special ability that will open up different strategies to the player. Follow that strategy or break away with a plan of your own. Card combos, strategy, and fun abound in this game where every card is a well-known, fan-favorite card with amazing art. Contents Summary: • 214 Game Cards • 7 Oversized Super Hero Cards • 1 Rulebook

Don’t know about you but any chance I get to play a super hero I take it and Cryptozoic Entertainment has gave us the chance do it again.

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DC Adventures Universe from Green Ronin

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Nov 022012

DC Adventures Universe

Release Date: Nov 2012

$ 39.95

From the streets of Metropolis and Gotham to the thousands of space sectors patrolled by the Green Lantern Corps; from a swirl of stars held in a vast and mysterious hand to the distant reaches of the 853rd century and beyond: the DC Universe covers vast stretches of time and space. Home to 75 years of the greatest tales of comic book history, this universe is now yours as a setting for endless adventures. DC Adventures Universe is a comprehensive guide to the ultimate super hero setting, including information on numerous characters, creatures, and places. Everything you need for the backdrop of your DC Adventures game! With Universe, you too can hold worlds in the palm of your hand. 256 pages, full color, hardback

Check this out and team up with your favorite heroes using Green Ronin Products to Roleplay soon.

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Dark Knight Collectibles From Mezco Toyz

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Oct 062012

Dark Knight Batmobile w/2” Batman Mezitz

$ 25.99

Batman, the legendary character of film, television, radio, and comic books now becomes available in this Tumbler, as seen in the recent Batman films. This 2 inch figure features all the coolness and articulation of his larger counterpart at 1/3 the size. Batman can fit inside the famous Tumbler through a secret doorway and still have room for a 2nd passenger! The Tumbler first entered the Batman universe when it appeared in Batman Begins and its military utilitarian design has made it a fan favorite. It sports a unique film-accurate 6 wheel design. Batman and the Tumbler come packaged together in a collector friendly window box.


Dark Knight Rises 6” Batman Mezitz

$ 15.99

The fourth series in Mezco’s ever growing DC lineup features BATMAN as Gotham City’s Dark Knight as a Mez-Itz 6 inch rotocast vinyl collectible, that is cool by design. This Batman The Dark Knight Rises 6 inch Mezitz Action Figure features five points of articulation and is individually packaged in a collector friendly double-sided window box that allows you to see both the front and back of the Mez-It!

Get these and many others at Mezco Toyz

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WizKids shows off Batman at GenCon 2012

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Aug 272012

While at Gen Con 2012 we visited with the WizKids  crew.  They were happy to pull out the Batman figs for us (and others around).  I like where the game seems to be going and with all of the super hero RPG’s. This set is going to be a great addition to the scene. Batman No Man’s Land is scheduled for a November release.

Let’s take a look at some of these guys.

Oh my!  It’s E.T.  I was shocked to see these guys.  I really don’t know more than what you see, but they are cool.

More pictures…

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Tales from AnCon

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Jun 262012

This was my first year at AnCon.  Keeping that in mind I scheduled events  with no expectations.  When I showed up in Hudson I was not overly surprised by the  number of people at the show.  What I was surprised at was running an event almost immediately.  As it turns out our event success rate was about as high as Origins.  Considering the difference in the size of the show I consider 5 new players  (the same number we had at Origins) huge success.

I have already emailed the players thanked them for playing, they made our experience a success.  I would also like to extend a thanks to the crew of MTSB gaming for running the con.

I had a blast at this show I even played some games.  I role played the part of Batman and made him say “yo”.  I wish I would have made him say “Semper Fi”.  Something makes me think Batman would be an awesome marine, even if he isn’t very gung-ho.   It was my first Mutants and Masterminds experience.  I am ready for more.   Batman and Green Arrow were well um almost juvenile in this adventure.  While Superman and Wonder Woman were a little more serious than we were.  Even if I had no idea I was butchering persona of Batman, I had fun.  I am even looking forward to collecting comics again sometime in the near future.

I even played a miniatures game, House Tek.  Well Table Tek really uses action figures.  That is right action figures.  It is a homebrew set of rules that uses everything in the house as terrain.  Every mini player should buy this game just to show their spouse there is a bright side to our little men.  All joking aside, it is a really good game.  I had a blast flying right down the middle on a suicide run, that didn’t even kill me right away.  I did kind of make my team mates disgruntled by my aggressive move.

I also wanted to take the time to thank Dave Cook for creating Heebie Jeebies.  It is a great new, not yet released, party game that makes people squirm.   Think about it, what gives you the heebie jeebies?  I am sure it is in the game.  If not visit the kickstarter and email Dave your idea.

We are already making plans for next year, you better be there.


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