Gen Con Countdown T-3 Who Ya Gonna Call?

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Jul 262015

Ghostbusters by Cryptozoic


Not too long ago Cryptozoic did ran insane kickstarter to fund this game.  You can get a good look at Ghostbusters on Kickstarter.





I love the look to this game.  But I have to admit I wouldn’t have found it if it wasn’t Ghostbusters.  This is the only Co-operative game that has really caught my eye this year.  The quality that is shown in the Kickstarter  looks to be high quality.  The miniatures look great and, for me, they can put the game over the top.


Drakon from FFG

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Mar 232015




Enter the dragon’s lair in Drakon!


This new edition of the classic board game of treasure, greed, and dragonfire places two to six players in the roles of rival heroes who have been caught stealing from Drakon’s hoard. The first hero to grab ten gold will be released; the others will be devoured. To collect the gold that will buy your life, you must move your hero through a labyrinth that you create by playing tiles. Ancient magic, hallowed treasures, and devious traps await you. Only your greed can save you in Drakon!

WOW TCG: 2013 Spring Class Starter Decks From Cryptozoic Entertainment

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Jan 232013

WOW TCG: 2013 Spring Class Starter Decks

Release Date: Jan 2013


WOW TCG: 2013 Spring Class Starter Decks Each Deck is playable right out of the box. A good entry-level deck for in-store Battlegrounds. One deck of each class per display; five each of Horde and Alliance. These make a great buy for beginners and existing players. Hero race featured on each deck. One exclusive hero card in each deck. Class starter decks for Spring 2013: Alliance Dwarf Hunter, Alliance Human Priest, Alliance Night Elf Rogue, Alliance Draenei Shaman, Alliance Worgen Warlock, Horde Blood Elf Death Knight, Horde Tauren Druid, Horde Undead Mage, Horde Tauren Paladin, Horde Troll Warrior Loot: Common:Landro’s Lichling, Uncommon: War Party Hitching Post Rare: Savage Raptor

Stuff like this makes me want to get back into playing Cryptozoic Entertainment keep it up and I’ll be back to playing real soon

Rofl From Cryptozoic Entertainment

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Jan 222013


Release Date: Jan 2013

$ 40.00

From acclaimed game illustrator John Kovalic comes ROFL!, the party game of extraordinary guessing where you have to figure out a well-known phrase or expression before time runs out! With each round, players have to condense the selected phrase into as few characters as possible while still having the guesser figure out the message! If the guesser can figure it out from your clue, you win the round! If you have the most points at the end of all the rounds, you are the winner!

We all can use another simple fun party game, this looks like a funny one Cryptozoic Entertainment has came up with

Castle: The Detective Card Game From Cryptozoic Enterainment

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Jan 212013

Castle: The Detective Card Game

Release Date: Jan 2013

$ 30.00

There has been a murder, and the stars of ABC’s Castle are on the case! In this easy-to-play murder mystery card game, 2–5 players will play as their favorite characters from the show as they collect and use investigation cards to narrow down the suspects until they find the guilty party! Castle: The Detective Card Game offers two ways to play. You can play a single game, which simulates a single episode from the show, or you can play a whole season. If you play a single episode, whoever finds the killer wins the game. If you play a season match, you play multiple games until one of the players has won two games. Play as one of six major characters from the show, including Richard Castle or Detective Kate Beckett!


I just started watching this show and love it so getting to play it out in a game would be so much fun Cryptozioc Entertainment thanks for that chance


New Trading Cards for TV shows from Cryptozoic Entertainment

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Nov 212012

The Walking Dead Trading Cards S2 Display

Release Date: Nov 9th 2012

Base cards featuring episodic images from Season 2 • Chase sets featuring highlighted content • Autographs from cast members • Wardrobe cards from the show set Key Selling Points: • AMC’s critically acclaimed original series The Walking Dead is back with its much anticipated second season. • Season 1 received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Television Series — Drama. This highly celebrated television series is one of the hottest licensed products available in the market today. • Based on Robert Kirkman’s best-selling graphic novels, this property appeals to a varied audience.


Castle Trading Cards Season 1&2 Booster Deck

Release Date: Nov 30th 2012

CASTLE Seasons 1&2 Trading Cards 24 packs per display 5 cards per pack • 72 Card Base Set Featuring Episodic Images • Behind The Scenes Chase Set • Character Bios Chase Set • Scene of the Crime Chase Set • Autographs from the main cast and reoccurring guest stars • Wardrobe Cards featuring costumes from the main cast Castle is • Viewed by over 10 million viewers each week • People’s Choice award winner for Favorite TV Crime Drama, and Favorite TV Drama Actor, Nathan Fillion • Created from the show, the Richard Castle novels are New York Times bestsellers • Syndication for the show will begin the summer of 2012 on TNT • Nathan Fillion has a growing following after his roles on Firefly, Serenity, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Desperate Housewives


Castle Season 1&2 Binder

Release Date: Nov 30th 2012

Collectible 3 ring binder featuring the first two seasons of Castle. Includes 1 exclusive card.




Just a few more things to help enjoy those favorite TV shows of ours thanks Cryptozoic Entertainment for the moments we loved on TV to be placed on collectibles.

WoW TCG Feast of Winterveil Tin From Cryptozoic Entertainment

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Nov 202012

WoW TCG Feast of Winterveil Tin

Release Date: Nov 13th 2012

$ 20.00

Card set total: 9 • 2 Mini-Pet cards • 3 Packs of Timewalkers: War of the Ancients • 1 Deckbox • Features 9 all-new holiday-themed cards, playable in Constructed decks—celebrate the season with Merrymaker Chen Stormstout, or satisfy your inner humbug with The Greench! • Set comes packaged in a collector’s tin and includes an exclusive Winter Veil–themed deckbox. • Set also includes three booster packs of the most recent TCG release, Timewalkers: War of the Ancients. • Collect two brand-new mini-pets for your favorite World of Warcraft® TCG hero!

It’s things like this that make me really want to get back into WoW both cards and MMO thanks Cryptozoic Entertainment for making great thins like this


DC Comics Deck-Building Game From Cryptozoic Enterainment

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Nov 202012

DC Comics Deck-Building Game

Release Date: Nov 2012

$ 40.00

Play as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern, or Cyborg. The Justice League of America is ready for action! Each Super Hero has a unique special ability that will open up different strategies to the player. Follow that strategy or break away with a plan of your own. Card combos, strategy, and fun abound in this game where every card is a well-known, fan-favorite card with amazing art. Contents Summary: • 214 Game Cards • 7 Oversized Super Hero Cards • 1 Rulebook

Don’t know about you but any chance I get to play a super hero I take it and Cryptozoic Entertainment has gave us the chance do it again.

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