Mar 272015

In this Flip Through Matt Takes a look at the Heavy Gear Blitz Living Rules from Dream Pod 9.  Yes it’s a pdf but he printed a copy to share with you.  He briefly covers some of the differences of the book and its highlights

This isn’t the most recent version.  The day after I filmed this Robert posted an update to the living rules.

Aug 242014

Dave and I have a good talk about the new Heavy Gear Blitz Rules.  Dave Touches on some of the major differences, like no more complicated movement, fire at top speed, and changes to combat.   I hope to get Dave on my first miniatures show in October to chat about some of the other nuances like army construction.

May 192014

In this Figure Forge Matt assemble the General Purpose Cadre for the Southern Army for Heavy Gear Blitz.   I did quite a bit of editing on this video because the gears are so similar.  I decided to cut a  lot of the repetition out for you.  The end result is complete instructions for one gear and about 30 minutes less video time.



Music Black Black Hole performed by 3 Minute Pop Songs

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May 122014

DP9-LogoB&WsmallIn this Video Matt Takes a look at the Southern pack Infantry for Heavy Gear Blitz.  I do believe I am going to enjoy painting these models.



Check back soon for our first Figure Forge on the Southern Army Task Force Deal.
Find Great Heavy Gear Products here.

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May 062014

specinfantryIn this Box Breaking Matt takes a look at the special infantry models for the Southern army in Heavy Gear Blitz. These sculpts are unique because each has six poses that reflect the special weapons infantry  can carry in HGB.





Heavy Gear Blitz is produced by Dream Pod 9.

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May 012014

hetaroiIn this episode Matt takes a look at the Hetaroi Spark for the Southern army in Heavy Gear Blitz.  The Hetaroi Spark is a hover tank used by the Southern army. Watch and take a look at the detail this model has been given  by Dream Pod 9




Check Back soon for the Figure Forge on this model.  I may even use the Hetaroi for a painting tutorial, I will clearly demonstrate my lack of skill.

For more information you can always visit Dream Pod 9

Thanks to Music Alley for pod safe music

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Apr 032014

strIn part 4 of the Southern Task Force series Matt  Takes a look at the Recon Cadre and infantry for Heavy Gear Blitz.  this kit contains 4 Iguanas, a Black Mamba and various upgrades.  Heavy Gear Blitz is Produced by Dream Pod 9

You can learn more at Dream Pod 9.

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Apr 022014


In this Box Breaking Matt takes a good look at the Strike Cadre for the South.  It is part three of his look at the Southern Task Force army deal.  This kit Contains 3 Black Mambas and 2 Jagers plus upgrades.   So watch as he shows you all the pieces parts.

You can learn more at Dream Pod 9.

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Oct 232013

In this episode of Figure Forge Matt assembles all four gears for Dream Pod 9’s new game Badlands Rally.   These models go together so easy it isn’t funny.  Dream Pod really out did themselves with this set of models.  They maintained a high level of quality and kept the models approachable for new modelers. I think my personal favorite is the Jerboa.

Thanks for watching.  We hope to have more Heavy Gear coverage in the near future.

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