Apr 182013

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We’ve taken all of the current errata posted across our Gear UP e-zines
and books, and consolidated them into a single file for easy access. In
addition to the errata file which also includes the Post 1940 Upgrades for
the North and Peace River, we have also made available the Duelist Rules
from Perfect Storm and the Veteran Survivor & League Rules from Terra Nova
Gambit as a free download for our fans. Lastly, the Beta Threat Values
published in Gear UP 5 are included here for ease of access. Don’t forget
that you can download the Heavy Gear Blitz Core Rules Field Manual for
free on Drive Thru RPG. Enjoy!

Heavy Gear Blitz Core Rules Field Manual

Heavy Gear Blitz Errata & Post 1940 Upgrades (North & Peace River)

Heavy Gear Blitz Optional League Rules and Survivor Upgrades.pdf


Heavy Gear Blitz Optional Duelist Rules.pdf

Heavy Gear Blitz Beta Threat Values

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