Oct 022013

In this Box Breaking Matt busts oen Badlands Rally from Dream Pod 9 for Heavy Gear.   Watch as he explores the variant models used for this miniature board game.



Check back next week to see how easy the box goes together in Figure Forge.

You can learn more about Badlands Rally and Heavy Gear at Dream Pod 9.


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May Releases for Heavy Gear

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Apr 292013

Dream Pod 9 is currently taking preorders on their online store

imageSouthern Military Police Cadre
(2 Black Mamba MPs, 2 Iguana MPs, and 1 Cobra MP Gear pewter miniatures
and extra parts.)
DP9-9286…………………………. $49.95 USD
This product will phase out the MP Shields Five Pack (DP9-9164)

Southern Visioth Main Battle Tank (DP9-9292, 29.95 USD)

Southern MP Decals Pack (DP9-9289, 6.75 USD)

All of these products are available for preorder and will ship Friday May
17th, 2013.

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Aug 022012



SAINT JOHN, NEW BRUNSWICK, August 1, 2012 — Stompy Bot Productions, Inc. (www.stompybot.com) and Dream Pod 9, Inc. (www.dp9.com) have announced the exclusive licensing of Dream Pod 9’s Heavy Gear® franchise for PC, mobile and console 3D gaming to Stompy Bot Productions.


The Heavy Gear® franchise has released dozens of sourcebooks detailing the settings, people, and machines of the Heavy Gear® universe. The first Heavy Gear® computer game, titled Heavy Gear®, saw light in 1997 and its sequel, Heavy Gear® II, was released in 1999. An animated series was also aired in 2001. The Heavy Gear® game line includes an innovative mix of RPG/wargame books, card games, miniatures and other products.


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Figure Forge HHT 90 for Heavy Gear

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May 312012

This is the largest resin kit Dream Pod 9 makes. Watch as Don assembles the HHT 90 for CEF in the blink of an eye. Yes it really is that easy. Dream Pod 9 really did a good job with this resin kit for Heavy Gear

Dream Pod is giving away a two player Heavy Gear Blitz Starter to one lucky person who likes their facebook page.



I don’t think there is an easier big fig to assemble.

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