Origins Event Coverage 10: Dark Age with Bryan Steele

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Jun 252017

Bryan and I talk about Dark Age. The Master Rules,things that changed and the book swap. New releases from Origins Game Fair 2017, Saint Isaac box set, and Earth Caste models.

I hope you enjoyed it.  I thin the changes made will make things a lot better for game play.

Basing the Skarrd Warbanb

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Jan 012012

This is a simple Basing Video using materials from around the house and some Army Painter tufts.



There is The Skarrd Warband Based.   Basing is something I avoided for a long time because I though it would be a pain.  Now I find it a relaxing end to painting a mini.


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Dark Age Demonstration.

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Nov 262011

We learned a lot this time out.

Like how much we really need a new camera or two no make that three.


With that being said we would like you to watch it still and point out our game play faults.



Keep coming back guys these will get better.