About Us


Hey all, you might be wondering what Through Gamers Goggles is all about.  The short answer is this: balancing gaming life with real life.  The short answer does not really delve into what this is really about.  The long answer is that this blog is about everything that can affect your gaming world.


My ultimate goal is to keep you up to date on releases and to share my experiences as a gamer, judge, father, husband , coordinator, blogger, self-proclaimed chef, martial artist, and Christian.   More importantly it is about how we (all gamers) might have to do things to balance our time between our real lives and our games.


That being said we might talk about religion, good study habits, recipes, and even game design.  If there is anything you as a reader would like to read about, and you don’t have the time to research it, let me know maybe I can help or write it and post it here.