Firestorm Armada March Releases

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Feb 202015

rense system cruiser groupFAZR22 Zenian League RSN Cruiser Group
A lethal terror weapon, squadrons of RSN Shrike Class Cruisers send a shiver of fear through commanders across all of the Kurak-controlled territories – and some Zenian ones too! Designed to be undetectable, running silent on deep insertion missions, Shrikes can unleash a flurry of advanced torpedoes that hit home seconds before they are detected. When cornered, they can unleash plasma batteries that can melt a battleship’s steel heart in minutes, before vanishing into the darkness of space once more.
Hellhound Class Cruisers, on the other hand, are an overt symbol of RSN might – with kinetic firepower to shame even the most deadly Dindrenzi vessel, and plasma batteries to tackle approaching threats. Hellhound crews often feel they have something to prove, meaning these deadly vessels will often pursue their prey with a vicious bloodlust, earning them a well-deserved reputation for mercilessness.
Contains: 3 Cruiser hulls and parts to make either 3 Shrike Class Cruisers or 3 Hellhound Class Heavy Cruisers. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

rense destroyer groupFAZR23 Zenian League RSN Destroyer & Frigate Group
Sporting a fearfully powerful plasma cannon, backed by substantial arrays of torpedoes with multiple decoy systems, squadrons of RSN Firebird Class Destroyers ensure any race that breaches RSN doctrine are dealt with swiftly and harshly. Their stealthy design and sensor ghosting technology ensure they always have the first – and likely the last – word in an engagement.
Hellion Class Frigates are the workhorses of the RSN, and are often also deployed within Dindrenzi fleets, providing broad cover for capital ships. This both increases the effectiveness of those forces, and gives the RSN eyes and ears in operations beyond their own.
Contains: 3 Firebird Class Destroyers and 4 Hellion Class Frigates. Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

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Firestorm Armada in January

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Jan 042014

FAFM01FAFM01 Dindrenzi Federation Fleet Manual
Containing all of the Fleet Building information and Model Statistics you need to lead your forces in battle across the Firestorm Galaxy, our new Fleet Manuals are the perfect addition to any Star Commander’s military arsenal. Inside the books you will find a guide to each race, full colour images, fleet building data, statistics for key vessels (such as Battleships, Dreadnoughts, Battle Cruisers, Cruisers, Carriers, Frigates and more) along with tactical evaluations of a fleet and a guide to four named Fleets.

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March Firestorm Armada Releases

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Mar 102013

FAZR01 Zenian League RSN Starter Fleet
As one of the most popular Alliance Nations, the Zenian League RSN now makes its appearance as a Starter Fleet. Inside this bundle you get 1 x Battleship, 3 x Cruisers and 6 x Frigates. The models are a combination of pewter and resin and you also get Statistic Cards and 10 x Acrylic Flight Stands. Please Note: This Starter Fleet comes in a large blister and is not boxed.





FAEX02 TA-4 Star Port
Originally designed by the Terran Alliance, this superb feat of space engineering has stood the test of time. With its four hanger bays and lethal weapon systems a Star Fort is an excellent addition to any Firestorm Armada fleet. The model is also an ideal addition to scenario and campaign settings, acting as a perfect victory objective.





FAEX03 Geminon Class Repair Station
The Geminon Repair Station acts as a hub for space-based ship repairs and can be fielded by any race. Prolific in its use across the galaxy, the toughness of this installation, which is commonly fielded in the middle of combat zones, is respected by ship commanders.



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Box Breaking Terran Alliance Starter

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Aug 062012

In this Box Breaking David busts open the Terran Alliance Starter for Firestorm Armada from Spartan Games.  David has had a lot of fun destroying fleets with his Terrans so he just wants to share.



Thanks for watching.  David is very excited that we are starting to cover the Spartan Games lines.  Coverage may seem to be sporadic at  first but it will pick up soon.



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Firestorm Armada Campaign Guide

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Jul 272012

Firestorm Armada Campaign Guide 1: Marauders of the Rift

Marauders, pirates, raiders, corsairs, call them what you will, this full colour Firestorm Armada Campaign Guide delivers to you page-after-page of thrilling information to take your space combat games to a new level. Six new factions are introduced, including the audacious Oroshan Imperium, along with statistics for numerous space vehicles, mercenary fleets, new in-game mechanics, a full campaign background and tabletop scenarios for you to game.

June Releases for Firestorm Armada

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Jun 082012

Firestorm Armada Hardback Edition Master Rulebook

A complete list of stats, background stories, imagery… The Hardback Edition Master Rulebook has everything! This updated edition features the established core rules presented in a clear and concise fashion. It includes the latest errata and streamlined rules for Game Set-up, Terrain, Boarding and Wings. The opportunity has also been taken to include new photography, diagrams and illustrations throughout the book, complete with Fleet Lists for each nation and the current Firestorm Armada MARs; the perfect way to begin your campaign of terror in the Storm Zone!

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