Gen Con 50 Coverage 16: Randall Bills of Catalyst Game Labs

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Aug 232017

I caught up with Randall Bills at Gen Con 50 and Wow did we talk about a lot of stuff. Aside from the cool stuff for Dragonfire, We discussed Zero Day, Master of Orion, CBT, Crossfire,  new plastics, and The Duke – Lords of Legacy

There is a lot of good information in here.  Time to bust open Dragonfire! Check back Saturday for the Box Breaking!

Aug 132016

I had the chance to sit down with the crew of Arc Dream Publishing at Gen Con and we talked about everything Delta Green.  It’s long but there is a lot of good info in here if you are just starting out.

This was one of my more interesting interviews at Gen Con this year.

Gen Con 2016 Coverage 6:Words With Loren Coleman of Catalyst Game Labs

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Aug 092016

Loren and I chat about the house of Kurita. Plus some of the other new things they are about to unroll. He also hints what the Kurita Combat manual is about. Plus he tells us about the campaign operations manual – it’s plug n play! He also explains some of the mechanics that set the new Valiant deck builder apart from other card games.

Thanks Loren, It’s always fun talking with you.

Words With Heath on Gods and Monsters @ Gen Con 2015

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Aug 082015

Heath from Altered Reality tells us about the Gods and Monsters game live on Kickstarter.  These figs are beautiful and huge!



I had the chance to watch this at Gen Con and it looks promising.  I would have filmed it for you but my camera was out of juice.

Countdown to Gen Con Just 4 Days Left

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Aug 082014

Sorry I didn’t post Yesterday,  I had a a ton of computer problems.


Anyway, with only four days left I was reminiscing about conventions I had been to in the past.  one of the things that came to my mind was Mech Pods


These massive cockpits Are rolled off the trucks and made ready for players to ensue all kinds of Battletech carnage.   Virtual World Entertainment has done a great job with the programming for all metal mashing mayhem.  Any one can easily climb in and get lost piloting an Atlas.  The only problem I have is I haven’t hear anything about the this year.

Countdown to to Gen Con 8 Days Out; A look at Golem Arcana

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Aug 042014


Only 8 days left, are you excited yet? Well yesterday we discussed a Dropzone Commander. A game that when it came on the scene it hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped since. Today I’d like to talk about Golem Arcana from Hairbrained Schemes. Hairbrained Schemes is a small group of passionate game developers lead by Jordan Weisman, complete list here.


Duranni colossus

Golem Arcan is a new game that could potentially hold some keys to the future of gaming. Let’s start with the basics. Golem Arcana is a miniatures board game that is striving to incorporate the use of smart devices. I did get a look at the miniatures at Origins and the are excellent. Beautifully sculpted with dynamic poses and painted with vibrant colors, what you would expect from an average to an above average hobby painter. While the miniatures are an important part of the game I don’t believe they are the focus.


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Jul 272014

Golem Arcana Base Game Set 

$79.99 SRP

base game

Golem Arcana is a point-based army building game. Each player fields an army consisting of Golems, Knights (sorcerers who “pilot” the Golems), Ancient Ones (powerful gods that might intervene on the army’s behalf), and Relics (powerful magical artifacts that can be carried and deployed by Golems), and each unit has special powers and capabilities. The key to victory is figuring out how to best combine these abilities to unleash havoc on the enemy.


The magic of the Bluetooth-powered Tabletop Digital interface (TDI) Stylus keeps the Golem Arcana App connected to the action on the gameboard. Players move their Golems and launch attacks by tapping the appropriate game pieces with the stylus.


To Move:

• Tap the base of the Golem you want to move.

• Tap the square on the board you’d like to move to.

• The App calculates movement costs, reminds you of the appropriaterules when necessary, and handles any necessary record keeping.


To Launch an Attack:

• Tap the base of the Golem making the attack.

• Tap the base of the target.

• The App calculates line of sight, the chance to hit (automatically applyingall the relevant modifiers), and expected damage.

• Roll the dice. (Or have the App do it for you!)

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Jul 162014

First I’m sorry this took so long, but I had a lot of unforeseen problems after Origins that prevented me from taking the time to break this down into three parts. For example flooding put our internet provider under water, that makes the whole social media thing pretty difficult.  There were other weather problems but no access to the internet was the worst. But Randall and I did talk at Origins game Fair about nearly everything Catalyst related.  Since Randall had so much to say it was necessary to break it into smaller segments.

  • Sprawl Gangers
  • Battletech and SR box sets
  • Valiant, The Duke, and Hostile Takeover

Part one is about the current trends with Sprawl Gangers. The Skirmish Game that takes place in the Shadowrun Universe. We do chat about Valiant briefly but we come back to it later.

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BattleTech: Alpha Strike

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Aug 142013

BattleTech Alpha StrikeBattleTech: Alpha Strike

$44.99 SRP



Play BattleTech in a true “tabletop miniatures” style and speed, while still feeling like you’re playing BattleTech with this stand-alone rulebook,  BattleTech: Alpha Strike!


Alpha Strike is a tactical-level rules expansion for the BattleTech universe specifically tailored for the miniatures wargamer. Presenting the Quick-Strike rules first introduced in Strategic Operations, refined and compiled for standalone use, this book will let players experience of BattleTech campaigns using a dynamic, fast-playing approach ideal for larger-scale battles and scenarios.


This book includes basic instructions, setup, campaign play, abstract aerospace systems, era settings and so much more!


(cover art not finalized)

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