Captain Sonar from Asmodee

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Jun 052016

capt sonarCaptain Sonar



The year is 2048. A new economic war has erupted. Rare earth has become a key element for building new machines, leading private companies to arm next-gen submarine prototypes to protect their underwater mines. Beneath the quiet waves, a silent war is taking place, and these new, unstable submarines are your weapon. Prepare to dive in Captain Sonar, a game of dueling submarines for two to eight players!


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Jul 082015




Marcel and Marco, the designers of the award winning game “Fresco” now introduce you to the wonderful world of fragrances through their new game “Parfum”.


Aromatic scents were first used in the Orient in myriad ways. This expertise in manufacturing precious mixtures eventually reached Europe, with the southern French town of Grasse in Provence becoming the capital of the perfume craft.


In “Parfum”, players assume the role of master perfumers. They distill precious essences and create unique perfumes using ingredients like vanilla, lavender, rose, bergamot and violet.


But each customer has their own preferences, so even the most charming symphony of fragrances must satisfy the tastes of the wealthy clientele, so that they buy your creations. Choose your Aroma dice skillfully to obtain the right fragrance notes to create the most desired perfume. Watch your customer’s desires to become the most successful perfumer.


With “Fresco”, the designer team “MM” successfully engulfed the players in the fantastic world of fresco painting. Now with their new creation “Parfum”, they lead the player into the exotic world of perfume making in the 18th century.



2-4 players

Ages 8+

45 minute play time



1 Gameboard

42 Fragrance tiles

15 Essence dice

25 Customers

25 Fountain tiles

26 Wooden bottles

7 Alarm clocks

4 Round player figures

4 Player tableaus

1 Closing time tile

1 Bag

1 Rulebook

Ultimate Warriorz From Asmodee Editions

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May 132015

warriorzUltimate Warriorz



It’s time for the great Tribal Rumble! This ritual battle takes place in the sacred arena and the best Warriorz from all the different tribes, clans and races are gathered. There will only be one winner to be named chief of the legendary End of the World Island. The one, the only, the Ultimate Warrior!



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Barony From Asmodee Editions in June

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May 062015




On the outskirts of the Empire, the tension is palatable: in the race for power, your struggles take on more and more challenging proportions.


As a baron, you rule one of the four most influential families of the region. With your army of knights, you have to reach the most rich and fertile lands, colonize them and above all, defend them against your opponents! You have also to climb the ranks in order to, one day maybe, become the new King!

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Metal Adventures from Asmodee Editions

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Apr 112015

full boardMetal Adventures


Space Pirates are battling for Honor, Glory and Wealth! Join them in their exploration of the Universe and their quest for victory. Players will explore, offer challenges, and engage in alliances; battles will be waged and mighty spaceships are key to victory!


In the Metal Adventures card game you’ll use cards to explore, enhance your ships, and rise up to bold challenges to achieve your ultimate destiny. Dice will cast the shadow of uncertainty and risk that really make a Pirate’s life exciting.

Elysium from Asmodee Ediions

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Jan 262015




Take on the role of an ambitious demigod who is trying to claim a place at the summit of Mount Olympus. Recruit heroes, acquire artifacts, undertake quests and earn the favour of the gods. When your allies fulfill their destiny, they enter Elysium, and contribute to your legend. Once all the tales are written, a single demigod will join the Olympians.


The goal of the game is to earn as many victory points as possible. Victory points are won mostly with the legends that players will write through the cards that they have transferred to their Elysium, but also by employing the powers that they have assembled throughout the game by the means of specific cards.

Act Too from Asmodee Editions

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Jan 232015

actAct Too


Ready to have a laugh with your family and friends?  Laughter is a guaranteed result from this fun party game!  Still in doubt?  Think how your best friend would look while trying to act out “a rabbit with the hiccups”.  I dare you not to laugh!


In teams, Players choose a Character card, identified by “I AM” and an Action card, identified by “WHO” and without saying any words players will attempt to act out what they are doing.


4-10 players

Ages 8+

25 minute play time


25 “Character” cards

25 “Action” cards

1 Sand timer

1 Set of game rules

Mythotopia from Asmodee Editions

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Jan 182015




Mythotopia casts you in the role of a new lord of the land. You have inherited a number of provinces, scattered to the four points of the compass. To succeed and emerge as the Master of Mythotopia you must expand your empire, build roads to connect your provinces, turn towns into cities, enter lands haunted by ancient dragons, and hold back the armies of those who would oppose you.


Mythotopia is a deck-building game set in a medieval fantasy world. You customise your deck by drafting cards and expanding into provinces.


2-4 players

Ages 13+

60-90 minute play time

Onward to Venus from Asmodee

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Jan 142015

onwardOnward to Venus



Onward to Venus is set in the retro sci-fi world where planets and moons are waiting to be settled and exploited, however the local inhabitants might kick up a fuss. Luckily for the Earthling civilizers there is a range of highly useful ray-guns, to convince the natives to behave themselves.


Players takes on the role of one of the major Earth-based empires with the intent to gain influence over the planets/moons by building factories and digging mines over three periods. At the start of each period a number of tiles are drawn randomly and placed on the various planets and moons. Players perform actions in turn and continue to do so until all of the cubes from the Pass card have been claimed. At the game end, players will have scored points depending on how much influence they have on each planet/moon.


2-5 players

Ages 13+

90-120 minute play time



1 Rule book

1 player aid card

12 counter sheets

132 cards

3 customised dice

8 wooden components

1 cloth bag