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On the outskirts of the Empire, the tension is palatable: in the race for power, your struggles take on more and more challenging proportions.


As a baron, you rule one of the four most influential families of the region. With your army of knights, you have to reach the most rich and fertile lands, colonize them and above all, defend them against your opponents! You have also to climb the ranks in order to, one day maybe, become the new King!

bat boardAt the beginning of the game, the board is randomly created, making each and every game very different and with only six actions (Train, Move, Rally, Build Village, New City, Gain Title) and one action per round, it is simple to understand and fast paced!


Players need to expand fast but maintain solid defenses. You can train new knights in your cities, they can move to conquer new lands or rally new allies from the border realms. The hexagones representing various terrain types that, once occupied, allow players to build towns that may eventually become new cities. Depending on the type of terrain you build on, you will collect different resources which can be traded off in order to gain a title.


When a player reaches the Duke level it triggers the end of the game and the player with the highest number of points will become King!

2-4 players

Ages 14+

45 minute play time



36 Territory tiles

1 Scoreboard

80 Resource tokens

1 First Player token

112 Wooden Pawns

-28 knights

-20 cities

-8 strongholds

-56 villages

1 Score counter

1 Player Reference sheet and rules

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