Resident Evil: Mercenaries Coming September 15th

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Aug 112012

Resident Evil: Mercenaries

$ 34.99 SRP

MERCENARIES is a stand-alone expansion that brings the Mercenaries theme to life, giving your characters brand new skill cards to be used in any style of play. Draft Skill cards at the beginning of a game to give your Character a completely different play style. Your character will learn from those failures and successes as you continue to play, using that experience to activate the Skills they have to give them an edge in battle. MERCENARIES also introduces 3 different Mansions with 3 different challenges. Will you face the unruly Gandos horde, the creepy Illuminados, or the onslaught of Majini? Each Mansion attacks the palyer in a different way, leaving a multitude of combinations for ultimate replay value!

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Uncharted Board Game from Bandai

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Apr 242012

Uncharted Board Game

$ 29.99 SRP

Dive into a world where mysteries are waiting to be solved, the past waiting to be uncovered, and the competition pursuing you at every turn. Should you push farther into the ruins to find the treasure, or should you deal with the pursuers at your back? Will you find the key to eternal life, endless riches, or will the pages of history close on you? The mysteries of the past unlock in the Uncharted Board Game, where you and up to 3 other friends compete to find treasure, defeat the competition, and ultimately succeed where others before you have failed. Will you fall victim to a trap set hundreds of years ago, or hold the power to shape the world itself? The choice is yours, but one misstep could spell the end of your adventuring career… permanently. Remember, among thieves and adventurers alike, there are no rules. Game contents: •Game manual and 190 cards •Game board •Tokens

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