Sep 132014

In Part 2 of the PRDF Box Breaking Matt goes over the details of the PRDF GP Squad.  This task force features 1 Cheiftan and 4 Warriors Heavy Gear is made an produced by Dream Pod 9.



In part on, linked below,  Matt discusses how the task force can be applied to the beta rules.  Check back soon for our How to play HG series.

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Sep 022014

In this Box Breaking Matt Takes a look at PRDF Amy Task Force from DP 9 it includes GP Squad, Strike Squad, Fire Supprt, Patrol Squad, and Infantry.

I spoke with Robert Dubois about the current contents of the Army Task Force deal and how it might change with the beta rules, here is what he had to say.


“The Task Force Deals that we sell now don’t include the rules (either the old field manual or new beta rules) they are only miniatures. But the Task Force Deal has an option to purchase a copy of the rules at a special price the new Beta Rules small b&w format book costs only $11.99 or the old Field Manual small format book costs only $7.99 when purchased as an add-on to the Task Force, here is a link to the PRDF Task Force on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store.

PRDF task Force
There are also so other specially priced add-on orders customers can add to the Task Force like Striders, Decals and Dice. I expect the 4 main factions (North, South, PRDF and NuCoal) task forces to stay the same for a while.”

We are planning to make some small 4 miniature squad packs (Fire Support, Strike and Recon) in the future, like we did for the 4 main faction GP Squads just before Gen Con, as the Beta Rules allows for 4 Gear Squads.

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Aug 242014

Dave and I have a good talk about the new Heavy Gear Blitz Rules.  Dave Touches on some of the major differences, like no more complicated movement, fire at top speed, and changes to combat.   I hope to get Dave on my first miniatures show in October to chat about some of the other nuances like army construction.

Aug 192014

In this Figure Forge Matt assembles the Hun.  Which is a tank for the the Southern Army in Heavy Gear Blitz from Dream Pod 9.  It is a pretty straight forward build.   It shouldn’t take more tha 10 minutes.

The Hun is a light tank with a standard load out.

Aug 122014

I had the Chance to look at the New Heavy Gear Blitz Beta Rules for Tabletop Wargaming.  These will debut at Gen Con.  Matt chat a little about the changes he noticed.  DP9 is at booth 1904.




After thinking about the game on my drive to Gen Con I really think the game is going to play a lot better.

Aug 122014

Heavy Gear Blitz - Tabletop Wargaming - Beta Rules Cover Small WebWell it’s the last day til Gen Con. It is going to be an amazing show. If you’re a Heavy Gear fan or interested in Heavy Gear I have one more thing to say.  Today August 12th I will bring you a handful of videos on Heavy Gear including a Flip Through (4:00P.M. E.S.T.D. on YouTube) of the New Heavy Gear Blitz Beta Rules for Tabletop Wargaming. The Heavy Gear Blitz Beta Rules are the most anticipated event of the show for me.

Heavy Gear is a combined arms game that is set in the future, where humans pilot armored battle suits into battle. The settlers of Terra Nova have been cut off from earth and they struggle for political power. This often creates hostile actions that can lead to war.


The planet of Terra Nova isn’t too different from our Earth. It has jungles, forests, mountains, lakes, and a vast desert that runs through the center of planet that separates the north from the south.

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Jun 042014

In this Figure Forge Matt Uses the Jager from Dream Pod 9 to show you how to pin a gear for Heavy Gear Blitz.  The Jager is the work horse of the Southern army.



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