Aug 192014

Matt shares his first look of the Battlefield in a Box Craters.  You can get a real good idea of what they look like from this.   I have found my self liking these pieces of terrain.



You can always learn more at GF9.

Aug 192014

In this Figure Forge Matt assembles the Hun.  Which is a tank for the the Southern Army in Heavy Gear Blitz from Dream Pod 9.  It is a pretty straight forward build.   It shouldn’t take more tha 10 minutes.

The Hun is a light tank with a standard load out.

Aug 192014

At Gen Con 2014 I had the chance to speak with Chris Badell from Greater Than Games about everything over the last two years.  We briefly discuss the Sentinels of the Multiverse expansions, Galactic Strike Force, and Sentinels of the Universe.



GTG has some great plans for Sentinel Tactics.  You can learn more at Greater Than Games.

Aug 192014

In this video we learn how to play Splendor with an Asmodee volunteer at Origins.   Then Lisa and Deborah play a game through.



Splendor looks like a great banking game that entertains simple strategies that work critical thinking.


You can learn more at Asmodee.

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Aug 182014

In this Flip Through Matt takes a good hard look at the Inner Sea Gods for Pathfinder.  Matt spends some time chatting about this books application as well as its contents.



This could very well my favorite Pathfinder book.

Aug 122014

I had the Chance to look at the New Heavy Gear Blitz Beta Rules for Tabletop Wargaming.  These will debut at Gen Con.  Matt chat a little about the changes he noticed.  DP9 is at booth 1904.




After thinking about the game on my drive to Gen Con I really think the game is going to play a lot better.