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Mar 132014

Full Press release from Soda Pop miniatures

Hello again from Soda Pop Miniatures!

As you know we are gearing up for Super Dungeon Explore Forgotten King on Kickstarter and are looking to launch very soon. We have been previewing new parts of this Stand-Alone Expansion, including a teaser video, and a Tile Preview with much more to come!

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is our Teaser for Forgotten King:


Along with that, we have also released Kaelly the Nether Strider! She is the latest Mini-Boss for Super Dungeon Explore and is available in our Online Store!
We have also previewed a new Tile for Super Dungeon Explore. There will be more previews this week as well as we get closer to the launch of the Kickstarter.
Enjoy and stay tuned!!
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Aug 142012


Caverns of Roxor is a fully assembled, miniatures expansion for Super Dungeon Explore. This set contains 28 finely detailed, plastic Soda Pop Miniatures featuring a new Boss, Mini-boss, Monsters, Minions, and Heroes, as well as new Loot cards for your games of Super Dungeon Explore.

Jun 062012

Interview with John Cadice of Soda pop Miniatures talking about Super Dungeon Explore and its first expansion (Caverns of Rock Sore).  John Also does a Box breaking of the Basic Super Dungeon Explore game during this interview.

I am yet to pick up a copy of of Super Dungeon Explore, I think my boys will love it.   I have to get caught up on a few thing first, but  I can’t deny how good it looks.

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